Manor confirms Wirth connection

The Manor F1 Team has now come out of the woodwork and it is, as expected, a combination of Manor Motorsport and Wirth Research.

Nick Wirth is the Technical Director of Manor Grand Prix Racing. He was previously in partnership with Max Mosley in Simtek Research in the early 1990s and entered F1 in 1994. Unfortunately Roland Ratzenberger was killed driving a Simtek at Imola in 1994 and the team never overcame the accident and disappeared from F1 in 1995. Wirth moved to Renault and became technical director there for several years before being moved aside.

“Today is a proud moment in the history of Manor,” said John Booth. “Having competed successfully in other categories we now look forward to the challenges and opportunities presented in motor racing’s premier category. Nick Wirth brings the technical experience and flair that is required to be a serious contender in Formula 1.”

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