Time for dinner

The Formula 1 world is getting itself royally worked up this evening about its governance and who hates who who.

This is not going to be settled in a hurry. I have a rare Friday night when I am at home with my son.

Teams in F1 need to remember that its fans – the people who are used to justify the existence of the whole business – are just normal people, who live normal lives and who are not really that interested in why a sport is going off the rails.

They are people who like to go on a Friday evening and eat Japanese food with their children. If the racing is on the telly on Sunday afternoons and they recognise some of the names involved then so be it… If not, they will watch black and white movies from the 1950s.

Time for dinner…

5 thoughts on “Time for dinner

  1. You could have just as easily started the third paragraph “The FIA need to remember that its fans”

    Many fans are actually with the teams and think that Max’s meddling needs to stop (Well it’s failed team boss Tony Purnell’s meddling really)

    Max talks about cutting costs but between him and Prunell they’ve been responsible for rule changes that wasted millions of pounds – moving from V10 to V8, spending a fortune on KERS etc….

  2. Hey Joe – I rarely comment on blogs but I’m a regular reader (and GP+ subscriber :)). This year in particular I’ve found your insights very helpful in cutting through all the leaks and counter-leaks to clarify what is actually happening. At this point though, I’m worn out withthe BS from the multimillionaires who get to play with the biggest, most beautiful and most expensive toys in the world. So I am delighted that you’ve decided to have dinner with your son tonight. Yay you. šŸ™‚

  3. Joe,

    Max has been in power since 1991.

    It would be interesting to compile a report on how many changes that he has bought in since then.

    Reducing the width of cars.

    Slicks to grooves , and now back to slicks.

    Engines from 3.5 liter, to 3.0 liter, to 2.4 liter . V12/ V10 / V8


    Got a spare week to go through all the documents ?

    Every rule change designed to save money has cost money for the teams.

  4. Hi Joe,

    I just re read your post titled “Did the FIA really win the court case?”, you mention there that FIA might have or actually have violated The Nice Declaration by giving a veto to Ferrari. Do you think this is the time for FOTA or maybe ACEA to use this in court? So many things have have happened in the last few weeks that I almost forgot about this but I still think people never gave this whole issue the importance it deserves.
    What’s your opinion about this? Should it be left for another moment or should it be simply forgotten?


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