Michael Schumacher says that he is disappointed not to be able to return to Formula 1 this year because of problems with his neck, which make it impossible for him to race a Ferrari, standing in for the injured Felipe Massa.

Spare a thought, however, for the thousands of fans who I am told rushed out and bought tickets for the European and Belgian Grands Prix when they heard Michael would be drivers. Many of these folk will be Germans and the idea of watching Luca Badoer driving a Ferrari probably doesn’t really do it for them…

Will there be refunds?

10 thoughts on “Disappointment…

  1. It’s bad enough that a single manufacturer is “the key to the Formula 1”. But refunds — which I hope is being suggested as a joke — would set the precedent that a single over-the-hill and out-to-pasture driver is the key to Formula 1. If the public’s interest in F1 has gotten that thin, then I’m not sure I see much future for it.

    However, an enterprising promoter — Bernie at Paul Ricard for instance — might see the utility of hiring Schumacher to just drive around the track for a couple of hours in an old Trabant (assuming it would last that long). Valencia and Spa tickets would be honored without further charge, of course, because the additional ticket sales for the joy of beholding such a miracle would be astronomical. (The Trabant making the distance would be miracle enough.)

    Or, disappointed ticket holders could go to the races already scheduled, strut about in their leather shorties, drown in their bier, and try to focus on Vettel. Not only is he German, he’s in the running for the championship. Assuming that matters.

  2. I wanted Badoer to replace Massa and my prayers were heard.

    Although he remains hugely popular with working-class F1 fans I think Schumi did more damage than good to F1 between 2002 and 2004. I know people who said they wouldn’t watch F1 if Schumi came back.

    I mean we want fresh blood, Schum is a dinosaur, time is not on his side. I hope Luca di M. is not serious about 3rd car for Schumi, he sometimes gets crazy ideas. I’ll need to chat with him as FOFA Chairman to FOTA Chairman one of these days. By the way, FOFA will be registered as official organization recognized by EU. We want to be in the paddock in 2010. Or have our representative.

  3. I believe refunds are only given for Grand Prix tickets in the case of cancellation. Unless the European and/or Belgian Grand Prix organisers can convince Bernie that it is impossible for them to stage their respective races without Schumacher and/or Alonso, I think we will see lots of people turn up disguised as empty seats.

  4. As his return was always conditional upon a medical why would a refund be expected for people that jumped the gun in purchasing tickets? always conditional

  5. Last week I purchased a flight, 4 nights Milan hotel stay & grandstand tickets for Monza; such was my enthusiasm to see Michael race one last time. Unfortunately it’s not happening but the worst that’s happened is I’ve got 5 days in Milan & a greap GP to attend. I think I’ll deal with it ok.

  6. On eBay some guy is asking £10,000 for Valencia race tickets and rooms at the ‘same hotel as the drivers’. His advert says you can ‘see Schumacher’s return’ if you buy the package!

    However, this is the only advert for Valencia tickets on eBay and I only found four adverts for Spa tickets.

    So it doens’t seem like there are hundreds of people cancelling thier trips!

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