Bernie’s new lady

I see that there are finally the first stories on the Internet about Bernie Ecclestone having a new companion in his life. I generally steer well clear of reporting personal relationships in F1, unless it affects on-track performance or the sport’s political scene. Thus it was important to report about Max Mosley’s unseemly scandal in 2008. However if it makes no difference to the sport then I consider it to be the private business of the individuals involved. Over the years I have refrained from reporting on all manner of things, not least a top F1 driver running off with the wife of another… That was an interesting moral dilemma as it cast the driver in question in a bad light…

I suspect that the news that Ecclestone has a new partner will lead to an explosion of coverage in the British tabloids. I am well aware that writing a story like this will send the numbers of my readers skyward, but this is not my intention. I simply hope that the reporting will be fair and balanced. I am sure that the general tone of the reporting will be that Bernie can only be attractive because of his vast fortune. This is virtually guaranteed when a hugely wealthy 78-year-old man takes up with a much younger woman and in most cases it is true.

I think it needs to be said that the lady in question in this case does not fit into that mould. I will not go into names but suffice to say that she deserves a little more respect than that. She is the vice-president of marketing for one of the F1 Grands Prix, which is a pretty high-powered job, and she has been for 14 years. And she represents her national sporting authority on an FIA commission. These are details that might be left out of other reports, but I think they are worth mentioning.

4 thoughts on “Bernie’s new lady

  1. The funny things is, for a man well into pensionable territory, Bernie wouldn’t be a bad catch without the money. He may be a hard nosed business man but no one can deny that he looks younger than his three score and ten and then eight too, plus he definately has a sense of humour and a rogue-ish twinkle in his eye. Add in the wealth, subtract the shadow of Slavica, divide by the link with Max ‘the whip’ Mosley and the result is you still have a man that maybe small in stature but is massive in terms of scandal column inches for the tabloids, should he dare to put his head above the parapet in the romance stakes.
    I don’t always agree with the way he operates, but I for one wish him and any new lady in his life all the very best and as little gossip in their lives as possible.

  2. Workaday commenters may always cluck at romantic involvements of such men, and I think they probably should.

    But consider the magnitude of Bernie’s wealth, and his encroaching old age, and seemingly spry demeanor (especially for a man who’s already had cardiac surgery).

    He’s running out of time to spend money on other things (cars, houses). He knows his daughters are going to be well-cared for no matter what.

    Even if Joe’s appraisal of this person is completely wrong, and she’s just taking him for a ride, it may make perfect sense for him to drop a few gazillion into some late-night companionship. And that’s “even if”… I have no reason to doubt Joe’s perspective.

    Bernie Ecclestone is a very, very shrewd judge of character.

    Plus, good comment from Yvonne

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