DC’s bridge support

Formula 1 is very keen to get into the Indian market and following the acquisition of the Spyker F1 team by Vijay Mallya and its transformation into Force India, and the announcement of an Indian GP in 2011, the F1 teams are beginning to get involved in the Indian scene. This weekend David Coulthard will rive a Red Bull F1 car across the recently-opened Bandra Worli Sea Link bridge in Mumbai. This 2.9-mile long, eight-lane $400m bridge aims to reduce the journey time between the city and the northern suburbs from the current 45 minutes to just seven minutes by taking motorists across the mouth of Mahim Bay. The bridge is fully open to the elements coming off the Arabian Sea. The project was inaugurated in June by politician Sonia Gandhi and is the first phase of a plan to build further sea bridges along the shoreline to improve the traffic flow in the city.

Mumbai bridge

4 thoughts on “DC’s bridge support

  1. Well, there actually are some places where people still believe in individual transportation as a solution for crowded urban areas… I can see a disapointing 2.9 mile-long traffic jam in a few years from now.

  2. An aside on Force India co-owner(s) Jan and Michael Mol. There is still speculation in The Netherlands whether they dropped €85 or €125 million in this project but they are holding 50% in the company, Mallya holding the other 50% but he has 100% of the voting rights. Clearly Force India owes a lot of money to various suppliers. The going rationale is that Mallya will force Mol Jr. and Sr. to pay the outstanding invoices or else he’ll let the company fail so that the Mol’s holding will becoming worthless (and so that he can buy the remainders for little cash. At least a lo less than having to buy out father and son Mol. You got to give it to Mallya, he’s a clever clog. . . . . . . . . . ..

  3. don’t you mean Bernie is very keen to go to India? the F1 teams would rather have a u.s. round and stay home in Europe than travel to the far east. how full will the stands be be after the 1st year? are they getting another turkey?
    of course what Bernie wants Bernie gets at the cost of the usgp and another European race cut from the schedule,

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