Waiting for the judgement

Stories yesterday that the N Technology case against the FIA in the Tribunal de Grande Instance in Paris had been officially decided appear to be wide of the mark. The decision was delayed until Friday and there is no official judgement yet, although it is believed that the leaks to the media reflect the decision that has been made. The case was heard in October and the judges have had a month to think about the decision and write the official judgement. N Technology was challenging the FIA claiming that there were irregularities in the process. There have long been rumours that anyone who wanted anything other than a Cosworth engine were rejected – and the teams chosen are all using Cosworths – but rumours do not make legal cases.

4 thoughts on “Waiting for the judgement

  1. Who can blame the FIA? At least the privateers and indy’s are sticking around. This was the right decision I’m sure.

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