Viva Las Vegas!

The karting world will be watching the SKUSA Supernationals event at the Rio Las Vegas Hotel and Casino on Sunday November 22 with the Tony Kart Racing Team having announced that it will be running Michael Schumacher, Marco Ardigo and Gary Catt in the Super Pro KZ2 class. The events (there will races for a number of classes) will take place on a one mile circuit around the grounds of the casino. Also taking part in the KZ2 race will be Red Bull F1 racer Sebastien Buemi, who has been entered by the Intrepid company and as Jaime Alguersuari is not available Intrepid has given a kart to Nelson Piquet Jr.

Among the other names that will be in action are Indycar driver Buddy Rice, who will race in the KF2 class and Pietro Fittipaldi da Cruz, the son of Emerson Fittipaldi’s daughter Juliana.

9 thoughts on “Viva Las Vegas!

  1. I’ll take the Michael Schumacher to win with the Nelson Jr. to spin out at turn 17 parlay at a +380. (Kidding, but I would put the line at Schumacher winning at +150.)

    Vegas baby.

    The strip hotels need to get their act together and build a proper race track. They have the oval which NASCAR runs on which has Carrol Shelby shop next door. If my memory serves me right, I think there is a test track and a lot of room they could build a proper circuit next to the oval.

    I think they would be one of the only places in the world that could make money off a race because of all the gambling that would come in as well. I can only imagine the glee of the hotel owners to see all those “whales” come into town.

    Then again, they’ve been fighting over building a proper arena in town for decades…

  2. I don’t know if Jan Lammers has a son named Bas, but if the Bas Lammers you mention is the one that won the European Karting Championship Formula A in 2003, he’s not related….

  3. Yep, he’s not related.
    410 drivers, it’s going to be MEGA!
    It will be interesting to see Michael and the others against the karting stars like Ardigo, Fore, etc.

  4. Thanks for the link Ryan, I would bet on CRG drivers, they seemed to handle great at Macau on the track w/o much rubber.
    Also Danilo Dirani as an outside bet, he was one of the kids training with Senna and pretty good in F3.

  5. @ Dan Brunell

    Re: F1 in Las Vegas

    In 1981 and 1982 Caesars Palace hosted Formula One races on a temp circuit laid out next to the hotel. In fact, the ’81 championship was decided at that race.

    On the morning of the ’82 race I went down to breakfast and sitting next to me–at no more than arms length–were Michele Alboreto and Ricardo Patrese, already dressed in their racing uniforms. No one paid them any attention. That afternoon Michele won his first F1 race.

    My overwhelming recollection is how much no one cared about F1, and indeed, Caesars Palace announce they had lost a lot of money, and that was the end of F1 in Vegas.

    Riding up and down the elevators I had interesting conversations with, among others, Bernie Ecclestone and Niki Lauda. The other people in the elevator with us had no idea who they were.

    F1 needs to come back to the USA, but I don’t know where.

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