Czechs dream of F1 in the city

There are stories this morning about the possibility of a race track in Prague, in the Czech Republic. These are not new. Five years ago DTM visited the city an hosted a promotional event on the streets to draw attention to the race in Brno. In 2006 Antonin Charouz – the automobile dealer/racing driver/team owner proposed a development in the city’s 10th district which would include a 1.4-mile permanent circuit with a new hotel, a shopping centre and an ice hockey stadium, not surprising given that Charouz owns a company that owns the marketing and TV rights to the national ice hockey league, in addition to the rights to broadcast DTM, the Formula 3 Eurocup and other championships. Charouz paid for Hermann Tilke to look at the possibility of a project and Prague’s mayor Pavel Bem have his support to the idea, on the basis that it would be funded with private money. Charouz says it is his ambition to have F1 in the city but is first aiming for DTM. Charouz has not given up and is now promoting the idea with the addition of a section of temporary street circuit to the planned permanent venue. The project, which is reckoned to be likely to cost $160m would include a large car dealership and a casino.

There were, naturally, worries about noise as there are suburbs throughout the 10th district. The plan is presumably to build the new facilities on disused railway land (the only large scale space available.

Critics also point out that the country has a top level circuit at Brno which has never been able to raise the money for a Grand Prix, despite its stellar history, dating back to the 1930s.

Elsewhere in the old Eastern Bloc the plans for an F1 race in Bulgaria, which were tenuous at best, have now officially flopped as there is no money. The government cannot help beyond providing land and private money to build and run the circuit cannot be found at the moment.

10 thoughts on “Czechs dream of F1 in the city

  1. TBH I love the Brno circuit, which has shown in the past that it can hold decent single-seater races. Why not just spend the money upgrading Brno instead (keeping the track layout the same, of course)?

  2. I live not far from the area but I don’t think it is a good idea. Too many people live closely around so noise problems would become deadly (to the project). I would much rather see an F1 race in Brno (lovely circuit).

    Anyway, have you seen the latest F1 incident? Quite horrifying … see it at

    P.S. I’ve heard that Button was involved, too…

  3. joe,
    a little offtopic but I wanted know if there’s gonna be an Indian gp in 2011 as bernie claimed?
    last I heard was that indian government refused to sponsor the event. I am not sure if the backers are going to build it without the government support,considering the million $ deals done by bernie for introducing new races.

  4. a street race around Praque! those cobbled stones would sure test the Ohlins. ahem .. nice idea but can’t see it happening, Brno is a great circuit but I’m not sure it would be that good for an F1 race (the old layout maybe!) with todays cars – not that that would stop Bernie/CVC if the money was on offer I’m sure.
    It would definately be a good idea to have another race in the old eastern bloc but we need an antidote to Hungary, somewhere a bit more open and faster – whatever happened to the Moscow GP idea, thought that was supposed to be on the cards for 2010/11?

  5. He’s going to invest $160m, as well as build up a bunch of businesses to provide income to cover the cost. On the “hope” that they will profit. lol

  6. so it seems that everyone in the world wants a F1 race

    except North America (montreal is an exception, but even they are not willing to pay the Full Bernie Bill)

  7. Does Bernie gets royalties from all computer keyboard sales? Just wondering…

    Let’s get an F1 race (or two) back in the US! OK? Please!

  8. MartinM–

    That’s really shocking — you can’t see an inch of the driver for all the shattered bits. I’ve never seen a moving part sheared off so violently before — seems hard to believe that any of that was ever a racing car.

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