If you have questions…

Do you want to talk about Mark Webber flying in Valencia; or whether the punishments were right in the European Grand Prix; or a view from the inside about the characters involved in the sport..?

Well, why not come along to an “Audience with Joe” at Silverstone on Friday, July 9. The event will take place at “the perfect venue”, the delightful Plum Park Hotel, which is located just a few minutes to the east of Silverstone on the A5 (Watling Street), close to the village of Paulerspury.

The event costs £45 per person, including a buffet dinner. The event will begin at 7pm with a brief formal introduction and then Joe will answer questions. There will be a break for dinner and drinks, more questions and then informal conversation for those who want to go on asking questions, or to meet the other fans present. The event will finish at 11pm. Entry will be by ticket only – but the number of tickets available is limited, so book early if you want to guarantee yourself the chance to get a unique insight into Formula 1 from one of the sport’s most experienced writers, who has not missed a Grand Prix for 22 years.

To book, go to An Audience with Joe at Silverstone.

11 thoughts on “If you have questions…

  1. I know you need to make a living, and have every right to charge what you like, but £45 is way above my budget. It’s a shame, I would have been interested to attend.
    Perhaps you could explain how you came to this price?

    1. Bill Nuttall,

      The Audience idea is about more than just making money. I is about giving people the chance to feel included. I really enjoy the events and I love to see people getting together and meeting other F1 fans. That is great and something that F1 lacks. In terms of the cost involved I am interested to hear that you think it is too much. The price is based on the fact that there is food and entertainment. What do you spend when you go out for an evening with food and entertainment in the UK? I charged the same level in Canada and it was very popular. The earlier events were cheaper because we offered no food. I am trying to find the right balance here because it is not cheap to do these things and if there is no demand there is no point in doing it. If I do it cheaper I have to find bigger venues (which cost more) and people get less of a chance to ask questions. I think a cap of 100 people is about right as everyone can then ask questions if they desire to do so.

  2. Well,

    the only Q:

    as the only reporter in F1 who talks sense, some of the time . .

    how do you make a living?

    and how does that affect your reporting?

    i think my ticket price just became a group booking ..

    and . .

    my Mom asks why you took away your nice smiling picture from earlier?

    was nice.

    – john

  3. I’ll answer myself,

    just don’t take this as withdrawing my Q . .

    there used to be gentlemen in sport.

    You got that spirit for sure. Top sh**

    but if so, where does it hurt?

    – john

  4. Hi Joe,

    Would love to be able to make it across the Irish Sea to Silverstone but alas, I don’t think my 9 month old would be adding to the atmosphere by screaming his head off just as you were about to explain the ‘real’ reason why Fernando hates Lewis.

    You should look into streaming these events over the web, or recording the event and then releasing it for download post event (for a small fee for subscribers obviously). I’m sure most (if not all) of your fans here would be interested.

    Let me know if you want any info on doing any of this (shameless plug).

  5. Joe,

    I quite enjoyed the one you gave in Montreal and I thought that many of the questions were quite interesting and thought provoking. Are you planning on having for Spa?

  6. The price seems fair. All long as your getting a good crowd then that is your best indication that it is priced fairly.

    BTW – It amazes me that your layover in the States and your blog about it resulted in these cool events. You had the guts to give it a try and and the intelligence to make it work.

  7. The first in Melb was great… The Giraffe then asked what can joe do to make it better. some suggested Dinner . great idea when joe comes back to Melb we will be going back no matter what. though the Fav italian restaurant doesnt have the space…… to host that many people venue in melb was great. plenty of everything

  8. Hi Joe
    A little late but just a quick line to say thanks for a great “audience” at Silverstone. Thanks again

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