Vettel is World Champion!

Sebastian Vettel became the youngest driver in history to win the FIA Formula 1 World Championship by dominating the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix with a steady drive to victory, ahead of two quick McLarens, while championship favourites Mark Webber and Fernando Alonso found themselves stuck behind the Renault of Vitaly Petrov, driving the race of his career and were unable to do anything about the Russian. It was ironic that the speed of the two McLarens helped the Red Bulls as Alonso was in no position to mount an effective challenge.

The race began with Vettel just managing to keep Lewis Hamilton behind him at the start, with a fast-starting Jenson Button getting ahead of Alonso into third place. Mar Webber tucked in behind the Spaniard. At Turn 6 Rubens Barrichello was slow into the corner, boxing up the two Mercedes behind him. Rosberg went around the outside but Michael Schumacher spun and ended up in the middle of the road where the luckless Tonio Liuzzi arrived with nowhere to go.

The result was a Safety Car which would play a vital part in proceedings as Rosberg and Petrov went into the pits to get rid of the soft rubber and get on the more durable hard tyres. They rejoined at the back but as the race progressed they moved up the order, with no further need to stop.

When the race restarted Vettel was able to hold back Hamilton, while Button shadowed them. Webber decided that his only hope was to get rid of his soft tyres early and on lap 11 went into the pits and rejoined 16th. Four laps later Ferrari decided that it had to cover Webber, rather than have Alonso chase after Vettel and the McLarens, the Spaniard pitted and rejoined 12th, just ahead of Webber, but behind Petrov.

Hamilton pitted on lap 23 and Vettel went in next time round to cover the move. This left Button in the lead and for 15 laps the World Champion stayed ahead. Vettel had rejoined in second with Robert Kubica third, having started on hard tyres. He would eventually have to stop but for the next laps he held off Hamilton, which put paid to any chance that he might have had of winning the race. Further back Petrov continued to keep Alonso and Webber in his wake and gradually the cars between then began to disappear into the pits and fell away. By lap 38 Petrov was seventh. On the next lap Button pitted, rejoining fourth behind Vettel, Kubica and Hamilton. Robert kept on going holding back Hamilton, while Petrov held off Alonso and Webber. On lap 46 and 47 Kubica and fifth-placed Adrian Sutil pitted. Robert was able to get out just ahead of Petrov, while Sutil tumbled way back, out of the points.

But the die was cast. Vettel was ahead with Hamilton and Button in hot pursuit. Rosberg’s lonely race took him to fourth and then came Kubica, Petrov, Alonso and Webber, in an increasingly lively train. But there was nothin to be done. Vettel crossed the line and clocked up 256 points. Alonso’s total was 252, Mark Webber 242 and Hamilton 240. It had been a tense and exciting event. Vettel was beside himself with joy, Alonso might have been wiser to wave congratulations at Petrov for a job well done, but instead he gesticulated rudely, which did nothing for his reputation as a good sportsman. Winning well is good but as Felipe Massa proved in Brazil two years ago, losing well is something that wins more respect.

A great season has come to an end. Let us hope that next year’s is as good…

84 thoughts on “Vettel is World Champion!

  1. And what does this say about those who thought RBR should have done a Ferrari and swapped their drivers last week, Mr Saward? :p

    If they’d done that, Alonso would now be WDC….

  2. So Ferrari lost the title on Friday, by failing to properly test out the soft tyre on longer runs and understand how it would perform in the race.

    It seemed the wrong strategy call when they made it, and so it turned out.

    Shame we have to see Helmut Marko on the podium – even a Ferrari win wouldve been preferable.

  3. Your comments here and in the “aside” podcasts with sidepodcast have increased my enjoyment of the season. Thank you very much.

  4. I found that to be a boring race. The track again didn’t provide much of any overtaking. But Ferrari made the wrong call to bring Alonso in that early, they should have been more careful on the call for Massa giving it enough time to be sure he’d ahead of Mark. Who himself gave in too early on those softs. It was Alonso’s loss, Mark’s suffering and Hamilton’s frustration all due to a few Renaults. Which humourously won’t be known to the grid next year.

    Congrats Sebastien, you are young and gifted. But for all the hype I was let down by the final race, again.

  5. PS. Joe I hope you get a well deserved rest, all the best for the off season. We’ve all appreciated your hard work. Keep it up, keep it going and we look forward to everything you write in the future.

  6. So much for your thought of Vettel should’ve given Webber the win last week, eh Joe? Then again, if Webber had the team’s support, he might not have choked so badly this weekend.

    Not happy that Webber didn’t get it, but happy that Ferrari didn’t!

  7. Deserved. I’m a Webber fan, but he just did not have the pace this weekend (or for the last month really). Alonso’s gestures to Petrov just prove that he is a bit of a bell end.
    Well, perhaps more than a bit.
    Vettel, for all his arrogance and whining, is a fast driver, handled the pressure well, and has out driven everyone in qualifying consistently, and raced well.
    Congrats to him, but can someone please put Helmut Marko in a box. I think Mark Webber will knock him out if he comes across him in the next hour or so.

  8. Well done to Vettel – he deserved it, his performances this year have been spectacular.

    I wonder who will ever beat him in the next few years, especially if he makes less and less mistakes each year!

    Poor form from Alonso with his waving at Petrov, but he made up for it with the post-race interview

  9. Thanks for the insight during the season. I have read lots of very good articles here. Shame about the race, whose idea was to have it in the Tesco carpark. This must be the worst permanent track (except for Hungary)

  10. Steve, I disagree with you. Unfortunately Webber lost this championship because he did not have a strong finish to the season. Simple as that.

    Congratulations to Vettel, he deserved this championship. He finished the season very strong.

  11. Nasty, it smelled so fishy Webber getting the slowest Renault powered car in the last race, board orders at its best.

    I give little credit to Vettel, Dieter M. is the real champion.

  12. Also Stefano Domenicalli proved to be the worst team principal for 3 years in a row, the words strategy and tactics are too big for him.

    1. Alejandro,

      As I said, it is always best to be positive… The Ferrari strategists decided that Fernando should track Webber and not Vettel. That turned out to be wrong.

      It could have been the opposite. I suggest that you open your mind a little more.

  13. So what happened to the Ferrari performance in this race? Their overall weakness was finally exposed.

    Someone else called this a boring race; except for the stakes at the end I would agree.

  14. Joe

    We must also thank you from the bottom of our hearts.
    Your blog has been the most spot-on and fastest of all the F1 outlets I follow. I think no one can question your passion and dedication to this great sport. It’s always a great read, even if I don’t agree with you.

    Thank you.

  15. I will Joe, still a strategist attribute is not only to chose the best one, but change it asap in case it “refuses” to work. Alonso stop placed him within heavy traffic (also Webber’!) and that lack of vision (having computers aplenty) was evident. Webber times before stopping showed he had a slow package with little grip and Domenically’ actions didn’t reflect the issue.

    Should Alonso followed Jenson strategy the story would be a lot different, and what really makes me mad is not Alonso losin (not at all!) but to see a Team Principal whose greatest achievement is “being italian”.

    I know Ferraris were no match for RBR and McLaren, but they finished below Renault and Mercedes, and Massa trailing a Toro Rosso for almost 30 laps, which he couldnt overtake.

    A word of attention to McLaren for not wearing poppies today.

    I also didn’t thank you a lot for all your articles, posts and tweets. Bad my.

    Kind regards,

  16. Joe,

    Many thanks for sharing your time and insights with us throughout the season. You have contributed massively to my understanding and enjoyment of the the sport and look forward to each posting. My thanks to all the contributors who further deepen my experience. You turn Joe’s minutes or hours of instinct or research into stories that grow and live.

    Wishing you all a safe and happy off-season!!!!


  17. @Allan – Webber has been at the receiving end of some lousy treatment from his team throughout the season. It says an awful lot about his character and abilities that he managed to take the fight right up until the last race under the circumstances. Unfortunately today didn’t work out for him after a sub-par qualifying session yesterday. Massive respect for his driving this year.

    Hopefully Helmet Marko is happy now. He’d do well to buy a few rounds of drinks for Ferrari’s tacticians. Without their assistance today he’d be scraping rather a lot of egg off his face…

  18. I must say before the race I would have been quite dissapointed with a Seb or Alonso win but as the race went on and I thought of how Seb dominated most Q3’s this year and the car failures I began to realize he would be a worthy champion this year. Also great to see the gracious McLaren drivers assisting with the podium celebrations. Also nice to see Schumi was ok as he very easily could have had his head taken off in that accident. That was a close one!
    My only gripe is that simpletons like me will have to do intricate math to analyze and work out who was the worst over the season between the bottom two of Virgin and HRT since they scored no constructors points. Or even the gap between them to Lotus or Lotus to Torro Rosso. I hope this little adjustment to give everyone points that finishes a race can be made next year so it is easier to see at a glance.

  19. As others have said, the race itself was a bit dull but the season as a whole has been one for the ages.

    Joe, your professionalism and insight shown through this blog has been one of the best highlights for me – thank you so much from all of us. I do not always agree with you, but a) I know you know MUCH more about this than I (or any of us) and b) differing points of view within an overall pasion for the sport are always healthy when honestly held and positively expressed.

    Heartfelt thanks. I trust that you might blog just a little bit in the closed season to keep us up to speed with the machinations…

  20. I suppose had this been a race in the middle of the season we would have called it boring. However, there was definitely palpable tension and that is just for us watching the telly – goodness knows what it was like there Joe. Perhaps when the dust has settled you could do one of your colour pieces describing it all?

    Anyway, as a neutral in this (I would have preferred a McLaren WDC/WCC), I think the outcome is about right. Webber wasn’t fast enough yesterday in qualifying and perhaps his mind was not in a good place although I am not sure I could withstand the mental pressures these guys must go through. He might have lost it in Korea I think and was still rueing that mistake.

    Vettel did what he had to do. Hamilton and Button really just joined the processions.

    Alonso was the victim of the strategy. On the R5Live commentary, they were saying Ferrari were too busy watching Webber’s every move rather than looking down the pitlane at the other teams. It shows a touch of arrogance I think and I guess they will learn. The hand waving at Petrov was pathetic and unworthy. He drove his best race of the season.

    Last but not least, the third award is the WBC – World Blogging Champion and I think we can safely say that goes to Joe Saward. Thanks for all the news and insight Joe – enjoy your winter off. As they kept harping on the beeb… only 16 weeks to go before it all starts again.

  21. Just to echo the comments above Joe, thanks for your hard work this season.

    It’s been a great year for F1 and a new champion is always welcome. Congratulations to Vettel and Red Bull.

  22. I quite like the pic where Hamilton and Button pour champagne (or is it rosewater??) over Sebastian Vettel’s head, wonder if they would have done the same with Alonso, I guess not.

    Btw, two former and a new World champion on the podium, surely has happened before, but not that often as not to stand out, its good for F1!

  23. Sebastien’s post race conference “speech” made up for what was otherwise in so many ways a very disappointing race, in terms of racecraft for the other teams, and as a supporter of a different driver.

    Wow. That – the post race formal – made me very suprised he’s 23.

    I’m too cynical to say “Good Outcome For The Sport.”

    I think.

    But i was very touched by Vettel’s unalloyed delight.

    1. John,

      I am with you on that. i think that showed everyone the measure of the man, and even if I risk the wrath of Spaniards and Italians, I think that Fernando Alonso would do well to study from his German rival and learn how to lose with grace.

  24. not a great race but tense and nervy, where was webber all weekend? The race just played into Sebs hands and he took a deserved victory, I’m sure he’ll be a worthy champ and its refreshing to have another young ‘un wearing the crown, he’s a very personable chap and the others only have themselves to blame and can rue their mistakes, especially in the second half of the season.

    thanks for a great blog Joe its been a great season and you’ve been on the mark at all times, have a well deserved and relaxing ‘off season’

  25. I really thought Alonso had this until Ferrari called him in. For sure that’s when he (and Webber) were eliminated from the race. From then on I was following Vettel’s every move and, whilst hoping that Lewis would be able to do something great, think that, ultimately, Seb deserved it. Was uber surprised at Alonso’s gesticulating to Petrov and highly disappointed. For sure, maybe in the heat of the moment, but that is not a valid excuse for such appalling behavior to a fellow competitor. He should save that for the closed door debrief when, hopefully, Luca will throw his TV at all the people who threw it away. In the end sporting justice prevailed, and whilst I was annoyed with Vettel for his dumb moves on Webber and Button, the fastest guy overall wasnthe winner. Ten poles to five victories is not a great conversion, and, for sure they will try to do better next year. Good credit to Horner and Newey and DM (whatever you think of him, Joe) for an amazing season.
    Thanks also to you Joe, for this blog, for Sidepodcast insight, for GP+, and for doing such a great job all year. Was good to meet up with you in Montreal, and I look forward to renewing our acquaintance next year. Enjoy your trip home, and the break – but don’t stay away too long, I look forward to your insight, opinion, and comments!
    Thanks again!

  26. P.S. Excellent site and reporting. I’ve very much enjoyed a lot of the insight you’ve provided after discovering your blog earlier this year. Well done Sebastian, too.

  27. Congratulations to Sebastian Vettel. It’s a treat to see his delight at being the winner! I thought we might get a battle up front with Hamilton, but too bad, we didn’t see many overtaking opportunities on this track.

    Joe, in your response to John, you say,
    “I think that Fernando Alonso would do well to study from his German rival and learn how to lose with grace.”
    Since Vettel won, I don’t think it gives a lesson on how to lose with grace, or did you mean some other German rival?

    To Alonso’s credit, he was gracious in his post-race interview, congratulating Vettel and Red Bull, and complimenting Petrov on driving well with no mistakes. He also did not blame his team for its strategic mistake. And Christian Horner specifically mentioned Alonso going over to the Red Bull garage to congratulate them.

    Your blog has been most enjoyable I must say. It has added immensely to my knowledge and pleasure in following F1. You certainly deserve a rest, but I hope you will be posting over the off-season too!

  28. Thanks Joe for some wonderful insights in to F1,i wish more would do the same though i don,t always agree with you!

    Now did i see you shake hands on the grid with Mr Jordan?

  29. Joe

    Sebastian Vettel loses with grace? Come on. How many times has he displayed petulance when knocked off by his team mate. He loves winning sure but he HATES losing.

    However it was probably fitting that he won the world championship given his reliability issues in the first two races he probably would have streeted the championship.

    Anyway, should be a good year next year and I think Hamilton is looking very dangerous for a second championship.

  30. Biggest anti-climax of the season: podium ‘champagne’ that wasn’t up to the job!

    I’ve gone off Vettel somewhat during this season but there’s little doubt he is a deserving champion. He roundly beat Webber in the latter part of the season, Hamilton made too many unforced errors and Alonso outperformed the car but ultimately couldn’t deliver what the team thought he should have been capable of. All in all, Vettel is the most deserving of them.

    I only discovered this blog during the season and I wish I had done so earlier. I have repeatedly found Joe’s insight to be extremely enlightening and valuable. Thank you Joe, have a good Winter break and I look forward to a whole season of your reporting during 2011.

  31. I’m more than delighted that the moral victor became champion and Alonso’s illegitimately gained points did not decide the championship. Poetic justice in the end! Great for the sport and wonderful for Red Bull and Sebastian Vettel.

    One could not have wished for a better and more dramatic outcome. Alonso’s shitty gesture towards Petrow was proof of the disrespect that the Spaniard and Ferrari have for a fair sport. They prefer to beat their rivals by back room politics and cheating.

    Also very satisfying that Webber lost in a clear cut way to Vettel demonstrating that he can’t beat his young team mate in a fair fight with equal material. His false claim about #2 treatment were exposed as nothing but head games on his rival. When Vettel’s bad luck in Korea gifted him the chance to lead the team by performance he failed to get the job done. I guess that score is settled and Webber will have no gain from a repeat performance next year.

    The cynic “Red Bull is stupid” brigade also got their deserved lecture. Sometimes the faster driver deserves to keep his hard earned victory and rewards the faith of the team with even more superior performance. A very satisfying day indeed.

  32. Joe

    Could ALonso learn to do what Vettel did to Webber after their incident in Turkey – do you remember the hand gestures then?

    They are competitive animals – and will always be pissed off when they don’t win. I wouldn’t say that the German is any better at losing than the Spaniard.

  33. Joe, thanks for the blog. Your insight certainly has brought colour to the blog.

    Onto “2011”!

    p.s. I wish the season would start in January!

  34. im extremely dissapointed for webber, been thinking about what might’ve been all day, and im sure webber himself must be doing the same.

    before the race i thought i would be very angry if vettel became champion, but as the race unfolded i ended up feeling he deserved it more than alonso, and after seeing his emotions post race i couldnt help but feel happy for him, as you realise how much it means to every driver out there.

    joe, do you think webber’s blown his only chance to become world champion? to me, he has, cos 1. its not guaranteed red bull will dominate next season, 2. its rare for all red bull reliability problems to happen to vettel, 3. vettel will only improve, and now the team will love him even more than before

    whats your opinion?

  35. Hi Joe,

    thanks for the blog, the emag and your night in Melbourne. you really do feel closer to sport when you can get such good info so easliy. i really enjoy your emag, in particular mike doodsons column. any chance to spice it up with selected video in future??

    Anyway i will be thinking of you as i am flying business to Europe with your favourite airline tonight (partly on your recomendations).

    Agree with most of the comments here, would loved to have MW get up but he tripped himself up at the last (and third last) hurdle. Seb well done.

  36. a race won by focused lapping & lost by poor strategy

    vettel had the pace , & for once in the whole year the middle order had good setup’s & speed

    alonso was done in by their speed , the tracks lack of overtaking & a heat-of-the-moment strategy call

    but it needs to be repeated – vettel had the pace today & led from the front . his (youthfull ?) rash errors this year shouldnt be forgotten , but neither should his speed

  37. It’s been a great season, and I was pleasantly surprised by this outcome. Thanks for some really great articles, Joe – I truly enjoy reading your work and look forward to your insight going into 2011 and beyond!

  38. Excellent finish. The team that refused to issue team orders won it. Very cool.

    Alonso once again showed what flawed character he is. Nothing he said afterwards changes the fact that flipping a guy who beat you fair and square just shows what a bad looser and sportsman you are.

    Joe, thanks for all the commentary throughout the year, it’s been a pleasure to read. I guess we all start counting the days to the new season. Happy holidays to all…

  39. “Now did i see you shake hands on the grid with Mr Jordan?” Was that you, Joe?

    It was so comical seeing Eddie completely ignore the fact that he was in the middle of a live broadcast to greet someone that I rewound that bit to watch it again.

  40. Firstly Joe, many, many thanks for providing some of teh best insight and behind the scenes commentary to one of the greatest spectacles on earth! You’re one of the few sites I check every day for udpates!

    Secondly, well, despite the lack of on-track excitement the race itself a great example of strategic play. It was great to follow the live timings and watch each team’s chosen strategy play out. I was immensely proud to see McLaren finally get their act together. Sent out a very clear message to RB and Ferrari for next season. Three world champs on one podium. Brilliant.

    I have nothing but praise for Horner, Newey et al. Despite Austrian euros funding the team it once again shows that British ingenuity and engineering skill are really second to none in this field.

    So, Joe, don’t rest just yet, what does next season hold then? Will this be the year of KERS and the movable rear wing? Why does Martin Brundle and some of the other drivers consider this to be a dangerous combo?

  41. Well justice done I suppose, I’m glad Seb won he does deserve it. He has driven some brilliant races, some spellbinding qualifying laps and provided plenty of things to talk about on Joes’ blog! I was hoping Webber was going to win or maybe a miracle would happen and Lewis could take it, but the best car driver combo got it, which is as it should be. Vettel lost a huge number of points through car failures and this was the only reason the title race was so close, I guess if Webber had won it he would have pinched it really so well done Seb.

    It was nice that the dreaded team orders didn’t come into it, as the sport really didn’t need any more controvesy this year, I thought Red Bull were mad not to switch the order in Brazil, but as many people have pointed out, it’s a good job they didn’t, this shows us two things;

    1, I don’t know anything and should not be considered for employment by any F1 teams!

    2, Sometimes doing the honourable thing is the right thing, well done Red Bull.

  42. There’s one journalist called “Joe Saward” if I recall who said that RedBull should’ve left Webber through in Brazil. If that did happen, Alonso would’ve been world champion today.

    Journalists always point to the flaws of people they cover but they’ve had a tendency to forget their own mistakes.

    1. Jo Torrent,

      Thank you for that nicely discordant note… It could have worked out one way, or another way. If it had worked the other way you would not have written in proclaiming your flaw… Yes, circumstances proved that my thoughts would have worked against them. Happy?

  43. Good effort by Vettel,sorry to see that Mark couldn’t do it though, glad Alonso didn’t as well. Good speech by Vettel, but by not mentioning Mark (all year from memory) in any of his speeches, his true character shows through. Mark is not Lord Voldemort (he who shall not be named). It might be nice to acknowledge your team mate and his achievements through the course of a season. He mentioned you and your drives.
    Good work Joe and have a good break.

  44. Thank you Joe. Great stuff from you all season long. Looking forward to your emags.

    A fitting end to the season, although not the one I would have preferred. However, the most deserving team and driver winning the championship is proof of the fairness overall of the long and complex battle.

    It’s probably not the best circuit to end such a close fought battle. In fact, getting stuck behind others not fighting for the championship (though fighting for position) and watching the leaders disappear made for a disappointing end to a spectacular season.

  45. Joe – I don’t think anyone yet has mentioned the big plug that Will Buxton gave your blog on the coverage here in the US on SpeedTV. He mentioned your comments regarding the professionalism of Pirro as a steward. Made me feel like I was already an “insider” just knowing about your blog. Hopefully got you some new web hits. By the way, Buxton’s comments this year on Speed have been a huge breath of fresh air. He is never afraid to speak his mind, even when he disagrees with the other announcers. Very refreshing.

  46. Thanks Joe, I enjoy your updates even If fell upon your blog only recently.
    about WDC -we`ll have to give to seb what`s his, no doubt he is a fine driver. but a I am utterly disappointed for Mark, I would even question his lack of form in the last 5-6 races, simply I cannot buy that seb was so much faster than him (considering the first half of championship)
    could you bring us some explanation /insights?
    thank you, hope you wont take a “sabatical” over winter

  47. in the chaos of the championship fight, i would like to point out that something needs to be done about protecting drivers’ heads. we were so close to a fatality with schumacher, his head was millimetres away from being taken off. im surprised about the lack of coverage on this accident. just because we got away with it doesnt mean we shouldnt be talking about it.

    after massa’s accident, and trulli almost taking chandhouk’s head off at monaco, it seems that if there is to be another f1 fatality, it is most likely to come from someone’s head being taken out.

  48. A big surprise when I learned Vettel had won the title – I was on way to Interlagos to photograph a race and could only watch a couple of laps (in which Alonso had a brief escapade to a runoff area) before leaving.

    If I had any preference during the year, was for anyone of the McLaren drivers. Not because of the team but because of the guys themselves.

    Unlike most people, even here in SP, I dont think Webber is worthy a title – and I paid attention to his career since FIA GT championship in 1998 (he was at the Mercedes-Benz team along Schneider, on the other car were Zonta-Ludwig, who won the title by a difference of one only mistake on track, by Webber), dont remember seeing him shine but in qualifyings, and usually didnt like what he said after and in between races. That may have to do with Briatore’s management, dont know.
    Anyway, too much speaking for a top race driver.
    Gave me the impression he’s got vocation for ruling the sport instead.

  49. Maybe next year F1 could hold their season closer at a track in which people can pass one another…

    I am sick of the new tracks….get a clue.

    I worry about the US GP in Austin…

    I am tired of parades. I want racing

  50. Yes, but if they did let Webber through at Brazil it would have been one hell of a race- I doubt Webber would have been as keen to look at Alonso’s rear wing for 40 plus laps!

    Thanks for the blog Joe. One of my go to sites, and a little bit different to all the others.

    1. Dodger,

      No. I was wearing the Joe Saward “uniform”. Light blue shirt, grey trousers and usually a baseball cap of some kind.

  51. As one of many Mark Webber fans the end was a bitter sweet moment. It was excellent that Alonso not only did not get the win, but was kept some way back by Petrov. I loved that. But I was hoping that this year would have been Mark’s 😦

    I was disappointed that Mark did not take part in the festivities, at least it was not obvious to the cameras. Understandable that he was on a major downer, but it looked bad on a team level that he stayed out of the jubilations.

    I’m looking forward to seeing if there will be any changes in drivers for the top teams. Will Massa stay in Ferrari ? Will Webber want to stay in a team he feels see him as a number 2 driver ? Will Kubica (for me as good as Alonso) get a car that can match the best ?

    And, will 2011 be as good as 2010, the best year for me since I started to follow James Hunt !! 😉

    1. Chuck,

      I think that Mark is allowed a little time to get over his disappointment. He spent the evening in Bahrain on his own and with friends. I am told that at one point Sebastian Vettel took time out of his celebrations to spend an hour with Mark. Mark then took part in all the team activities in Austria and back in Britain and has since flown off or a Red Bull event in Perth, Australia

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