Here’s a press release…

Hilton Racing, the leader in Formula One fan and driver hospitality worldwide, launched today the results of its Formula One Fan Survey, which asked thousands of racing fanatics around the world about the action on and off the track this year. After an exhilarating and action-packed season, Hilton Racing’s survey addresses some of the too-often unasked questions in the sport, including “Coolest Driver”, “Rookie of the Year”, “Overtaker of the Year”, “Best New Team”, “Best Dressed”, “Most Like to Have a Drink With”, “WAG of the Year”, and “Best Race of the Year”.

Hilton, the most recognized name in the hospitality industry, has a long term association with F1 thanks to its partnership with team Vodafone McLaren Mercedes. As part of its global marketing campaign, Hilton communicates with thousands of F1 fans through Hilton Racing, which attracts members from across the globe. When polled, more than one third of Hilton Racing members named Vodafone McLaren Mercedes’ Lewis Hamilton the very coolest driver in F1 this year followed closely by team mate Jenson Button. Sebastian Vettel rounded out the top three with only one tenth of the vote.

“Rookie of the Year” went to Niko Hulkenburg with almost 40 percent of the vote and Kamui Kobayashi was runner up with 29 percent. Kobayashi also ranks second in the “Overtaker of the Year” category, due to his popular performance in Japan.

Lotus was voted the “Best New Team”, receiving almost half of all votes and standing out as a clear winner in this category.

Hilton Racing asked its F1 fans for their “Best Dressed” driver and for the driver they would “Most Like to Have a Drink With”. The results indicate that in 2010, Jenson Button was the man to buy a drink for, while his team mate Lewis Hamilton is the best dressed of the lot. “WAG (Wives And Girlfriends) of the Year” was awarded to Lewis’ girlfriend Nicole Scherzinger, who stole the votes at 50 percent with no other close contender.

Separate from driver specifics, fans were asked for their “Best Race of the Year”, which was Abu Dhabi trailed by Japan as the least popular.

Finally, with Korea added to the calendar for this year and India due in 2011, Hilton Racing asked its fans where they’d “Most Like to See a New Race”. London and New York were the top choices where fans would like to visit for an F1 destination.

40 thoughts on “Here’s a press release…

  1. For WAG of the year, read ‘Who would you most like to bang?’

    I knew/ know the guys at JMI that set up and ran Hilton Racing as a concept and they tried to sell it to me many times. To be honest though, I was never convinced although I am still told it helps sell hotel rooms…. so there you go!

  2. I’m sorry but a poll that considers supergeek Vettel in any way shape or form “cool” just can’t be taken seriously.

  3. “Best Race of the Year” Abu Dhabi? Fairy-tale scene without a spirit and the race being rather boring from my point of view. I would choose a wet one (maybe Australia with lots of overtaking).

    BTW: Keith, fresh-married? Were you allowed to vote on that one at all? 🙂

  4. Joe,

    To think that they actually pay some-one to write these crap press releases.

    Obviously, the HILTON RACING fan club, operates on a distinctly different level from those of us who must stay at HOLIDAY INNs 🙂

    AD..Race of the year..What did they get the prize for..Pretty Blue lights ?

  5. Never mind F1 fans, Hilton should do a survey of their target customer demographic – likely to reveal that they have IQs slightly higher than people who would be impressed by a press release like this!

    Good news about Lotus though.

  6. Given Hilton’s association with McLaren, I might venture a guess that this survey was offered through McLaren’s website (which one might suspect is more often visited by McLaren fans), which may, in turn, explain some of the results…

  7. “…the results of its Formula One Fan Survey, which asked thousands of racing fanatics around the world…”

    Looks like a Survey around the UK

  8. So actually was it a cunning plan by Hilton to collect loads of e-mail addresses when completing the survey so they could then subsequently bombard said e-mails with advertising junk?

  9. So who was “Overtaker of the Year” ahead of Kobayashi ?
    It must have been Alonso.
    As to Kobayashi, I’d still consider him a rookie even though he was in 2 races in 2009, and he (save for the Brazilian Pole that Hulk got) seemed to out drive hulk most of the year with an arguably lesser car.
    I’d rather have a drink with Webber, than most of the drivers, he seems a little more real.
    Lastly it should have been Jessica, over Nicole, but I guess because Nicole is a pop star she adds an air of Glamour? I don’t get it but oh well just my $0.02.

  10. The significance is the text that Hilton have “a long term association with F1 thanks to its partnership with team Vodafone McLaren” so they are hardly likely to promote anyone other than a Macca driver where possible. Now where is the most plastic place in the world to hold an F1 event?

    I wonder how many readers of this blog participated in the survey which solicited the opinions of “thousands of racing fanatics around the world about the action on and off the track this year”?

  11. Mmmmmm, not sponsored by mclaren in anyway, but most concerning is that Abu Dhabi could be perceived as the best race of the year. Guess money and rather sponsored polls make the world go round

  12. Funny thing…I have never heard of “Hilton Racing”, and can’t recall ever seeing the brand on anything. Talk about invisible……..I take it they are a subsidiary of the Hilton hotel chain??

  13. I don’t think its stretching things too much to say that at some point every one in F1 is a “ho”
    You just got to do what you got to do to make ends meet!
    Whats that sucking noise I hear?
    Back to looking forward to the Queens Christmas message.

  14. Paris Hilton has also entered motorsport herself, an act many within will be keen to reciprocate, launching the SuperMart© VIP by Paris Hilton team.

    From what I gather about the young lady, it is probably more about an excuse to hang about in the showers with the boys, but good luck to her, no doubt the Paddock will be a brighter place for her presence.

  15. Joe,

    Japan as least popular? Obviously F1 has been overtaken by those who insist on staying at nothing less than 6 star accommodation and daren’t use the world’s most efficient railway system. I guess these are the same people who did away with the Osterreichring, not the A1 Ring, but the good old blood curdling original circuit because it was too remote from anything, yet it was right between Vienna and Venice. Suzuka has to be the world’s best circuit bar none. If Abu Dhabi wins the best race award then I guess the results of this survey are meaningless as that circuit has been condemned by everyone that matters.

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