Going, going, gone…

Silverstone is back in the news again with the news that the chairman of the British Racing Drivers’ Club Robert Brooks has taken the decision to stand down. Stuart Rolt, a former chairman, will take over the role at the beginning of February. Brooks will remain on the board of directors of the club and will rejoin the board of Silverstone Holdings Ltd, the commercial arm of the BRDC.

Brooks says that he is standing down in order to devote more time to running the Bonhams auction house, but there is bound to be speculation that his departure has been caused by the problems the club has been facing finding investment. The BRDC has also announced that Jonathan Baker has joined the BRDC board of director. Baker is the founder of the venture capital business ICL.

10 thoughts on “Going, going, gone…

  1. More City types… which reminds me — is it just me, or is Bernie uncharacteristically silent of late? No outrageous pronouncements to spark a few column inches in the dark days of January; no appearance in Madonna at the Ferrari event.

    Perhaps he has other things on his mind…

  2. I thought all that had been tied up as part of convincing Bernie that Silverstone has the necessary investment to carry on as a leading F1 venue. So what’s happened? Has a backer pulled out? Were gate and concession receipts lower than expected or have hey spent more than they should?

  3. For Rpaco,

    The last 3 years the BGP has been the best it ever has been. They need the money simply to further develop the land which they own. The cash that they have in the bank at this point each year (from BGP ticket sales) is enough to continue to develop the pit and paddock building.

    Once complete, they need further investment to develop additional land into hotels etc.

    However, the stories which are surfacing in the last couple of days are ever so slightly conflicting with the truth. The truth is that the circuit is going to be put up for sale and I am aware of at least two seperate bid parties readying their first shots. *Did somebody say Foulston?*

    Consider for a moment the present land value of their 800 odd acres. With planning it rise, with buildings on it, it will quadruple. That will be over the course of a 15 yr investment an excellent return for someone.

    reference Joe, thanks for respecting my wishes. You know what I mean. Cheers.

  4. f1fan1998
    Thanks for that.
    Now that F is a name from the past, a computer or IT company? In the Ian Taylor/Ian Flux era of sports2000, formula libre lola etc. Rides in Spitfires, Steve Sydenham’s RfB (I still have my badge and beani hat)
    Brands Hatch race school, XR3is, last tree on the right, marshals hut etc Tony Lanfranchi giving a bollocking to most. David Hunt as instructor. Jumpers for goalposts!

    But not F in connection with Silverstone, I’m so old that when I drove it last it was before that annoying twiddly bit called vale was put in. The Weaver trench was created, with James flat usually sideways. Many years of camping in the carpark for BGP.

    Then Walkinshaw came to Silverstone and suddenly we couldn’t afford it any more. The days of being in the pits watching, eating fish and chips at 2am and getting locked in were over.

    The value of the land of course will be far greater if BRDC and co get the planning permission first. (On any scheme whether it is viable to build or not, once given it can be varied) But I am sure I remember all this being proposed from before back in the stone age. Basically we fans liked the tin huts and the atmosphere, the paddock cafe, ok the toilets could have been improved a lot but I guess if I went now I wouldn’t recognise it or more importantly it wouldn’t feel right.
    So I’ll stick with my most vivid memory (before vale was created) of an off a club infield at 70 odd in a Saab turbo, very smooth it was, backwards across the grass with Saab Purchasing manager as the passenger/ adult in charge .(Sorry Peter) (Eric Carlsson didn’t have the same problem if he lifted mid corner, he showed me it was so easy, ha ha)

    But oh dear who can we trust with our national circuit.

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