Kubica undergoes third major operation

Robert Kubica has successfully unergone a third surgical operation, this being to rebuild his elbow. The operation lasted for eight hours, following on from a seven hour operation on his hand and forearm immediately after the accident, and a further nine-hour operation to fix leg and shoulder injuries.

The Lotus Renault GP driver remains in intensive care at the Santa Corona de Pietra Ligure hospital, near Genoa, where all being well he will remain for at least 10 days, before being moved elsewhere to begin rehabilitation.

“The operation lasted eight hours in order to stabilise and reconstruct the damaged fragments of the delicate joint structure,” the team said in a statement. “At the end of the surgery, the doctors were pleased with the outcome, with the procedure being completed successfully.”

8 thoughts on “Kubica undergoes third major operation

  1. Hi Joe.

    Has any driver ever returned to F1 after 24 hours of surgery on parts of his body ranging pretty much from head to toe? I imagine that as recently as a couple of decades ago it would have been medically unthinkable.

  2. Thats a big operation, my daughter had something similar.

    Complex elbow fracture mountain biking, never regain full mobility or strength however good the surgeon. Tough recuperation period on that alone never mind all the rest he has to contend with. Hope all goes well.

  3. Non of us know exactly what is going on for Kubica but the reports on his injuries and details of the operations it’s hard to imagine him being back in F1 inside six months. A severed hand being reattached and smashed elbow rebuilt are major injuries. Considering the arm strength needed for a driver in F1 it will take time for him to build his strength and flexibility AFTER he regains full movement. I guess this is just a wait and see situation.

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