An Audience with Joe in Melbourne

Fans who will be in Melbourne for the Australian Grand Prix will get the opportunity to grill me on the Wednesday evening before the Grand Prix at the Albert Park Yachting & Angling Club, which proved to be a terrific venue last year. The tickets are limited in number so if you want to be sure of getting in, sign up as quickly as possible. The format of the event is the same as last year with me saying a few words (not many) and then you can ask me anything you like about Formula 1. The event will end when I lose my voice or when we get thrown out. Food and drink will be available at bar prices. For tickets go to the Audience with Joe in Melbourne web page.

See you there!

26 thoughts on “An Audience with Joe in Melbourne

    1. The Mink,

      Intending to return to Sidepodcast this week – if the Internet is fully functional chez moi.

    1. Tom,

      We will see. Probably something in Montreal and perhaps one in London before the British GP. I think Austin will be good in 2012, but other races do not yet have sufficiently mature audiences to understand the value.

  1. Joe,
    I hope this is something you will continue doing. Something like this in US when the formula one circus comes to Austin would be great. There are a ton of very nice bars and restaurants there you could do this at. Though the F1 following is small in the US compared to the rest of the world something like this would be well attended.

    Thanks for the blog and grand prix +, it provides this American fan some real insight and knowledge.

  2. I think it might be an interesting idea to extend the Audience with Joe format to a GP+ item as well. You could provide an email address in the magazine so only subscribers could ask questions, and then publish the answers in a later issue.

    The blog comments are good for small, article-related questions, but it’s a bit haphazard for asking deeper questions. I think it’d be cool to give people an opportunity to ask you some more complex questions as part of GP+.

  3. Disappointed its going to be so early in the week, I’m not getting to Melbourne until Friday. Of course I understand that once the cars hit the track you won’t really have any time available for such things.

  4. 2 tickets purchased and happy that it’s timed well this year for me 🙂
    (Well, mostly well – missing out on a karting night but this was the prefered choice)

  5. “… other races do not yet have sufficiently mature audiences to understand the value.”


  6. Two tickets bought, and starting to compile a list of questions that will make your head hurt!!!!!!

    Seriously, really looking forward to the night. Catch ya then!


  7. Joe, will you be doing one of these next year in Melbourne? I’m sorry but I’ve arrived at your great website about 5 months too late.

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