Saubers out…

The FIA has announced that the two Saubers have been excluded from the results of the Australian GP because the rear wings were found to be in breach of Article 3.10.1 and 3.10.2 of the Technical Regulations, which relate to the radius of the curvature of the three rear wing elements. As far as we can ascertain the problem offered no real performance advantage but was simply an oversight by the team, which they admitted was an error. Unfortunately, rules are rules and the two cars were excluded. This means that Felipe Massa moves up from ninth to seventh, with Sebastien Buemi now eighth and the two Force Indias picking up points for ninth and 10th, which means that Scotland’s Paul di Resta scores a point on his F1 debut.

23 thoughts on “Saubers out…

  1. Aren’t they cars subject to scrutineering before the event, and if so, why wasn’t the infringement picked up then, and not before such a strong result for Sauber. Disappointing, I’ll say…

  2. If it didn’t give a performance advantage to the drivers, why not let them keep the points that they earned, but take away the team’s constructor points?

  3. If Sauber made no change to their wings from what was offered up for scrutineering, then someone from scrutineering needs to take one up their backside!

  4. What!

    Poor Perez’ excellent debut performance is obliterated, by a technicality?
    Why a disqualification? why not tell them, it must conform to spec by the next race?

    Inconsistant stewarding here, Vettel went off the racetrack to overtake Button, as did one of the torro rosso drivers, and suffered no penalty, so what gives?

    After such a decent start to the season too.


  5. Are the cars not checked for infringements post-Qualifying? I don’t understand this ruling. This is why you’ll always see people calling conspiracies in F1…for bullocks like this.

  6. Tough deal for Sauber on aminot technicality especially given the state of a McLaren at the end of the race – of which we have heard no more!

  7. Michael and ********

    You will find that in the rules, it is up to the competitors to present a car which applies to the rules.

    The scrutineers do certain checks before a meeting, but, if you take the argument to the extreme, one could expect every engine to be stripped down and measured before a meeting.

    Just would not happen, of course.

  8. Let’s not forget that if a car was checked before a race, what is to stop the team then fitting a performance device that contravienes the rules afterward? For example – they can fit a front wing during the race that gives a performance advantage etc.

    Plus, the time taken to check each car over means there wouldn’t be a race!

  9. Ah yes Rule 3.10.1 . – that old chestnut ! Apparently, the radius was 5mm out. So the team put on a great show and get excluded over a 5mm excess (or opposite) radius. I know rules is rules, but still..

    Why can’t they just give them an area a certain width, height and depth of the centre line and rear axle and be done with it !

  10. Agree with RobbieMeister: Vettel and Buemi appeared to have all 4 wheels over the yellow lines when overtaking – yet no action. Can you enlighten us if there was even any discussion with the Stewards over this? It makes Button’s penalty seem all the more severe…
    Thanks for a great GP+!

    Highly recommend to everyone who doesn’t yet subscribe…

    1. Stephen Acworth,

      I thought the Button decision was tough, as Massa gave him nowhere to go. You will note that later in the race when Jenson passed Felipe again he carved him up, as if to deliver a little message about playing hard ball. I thought it was a marginal call.

  11. I read somewhere that Sauber were the fastest through the speed trap, out of all the cars running. Which means there could have been a small performance gain there. Either way it is a shame, spoiled what could have been a brilliant start to the season for Sauber. I would love them to come back to firmly fight for top midfield positions, after the team has been through so much and Peter Sauber has had to save them from the jaws of destruction, it would be gratifying to see them do well.

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