Six hours 45 minutes after the race…

GP+, the fastest e-magazine in Formula 1, will be out in a few hours from now. It tells the story of all the excitements at Spa-Francorchamps, with in-depth reports, columns and photos from the Belgian Grand Prix weekend. We look back at Michael Schumacher’s Formula 1 debut 20 years ago and put the spotlight on Spa 2001 and wonder: “What happened to the racers of 10 years ago?”. In addition we look ahead to a possible Formula 1 race in New Jersey – and David Tremayne looks back over a Formula 1 career of 400 races.

Don’t miss Peter Nygaard’s great Formula 1 photography.

For more details go to the GP+ website A subscription buys you nearly 100 magazines. All of this year’s races – and the entire downloadable archive of GP+. All for just £25.00 for 2011.

20 thoughts on “Six hours 45 minutes after the race…

  1. Best quote of the day, MSC saying he could not have passed ROS without fresher tires and DRS. Modesty and a nice charge also.

    Best lowdown interview: Di Resta. Again. Speaking about what is effective ECU mapping for his launch and turns 1 thru 6. So, we can do that, so long as it is set in advance. Interesting.

    Both score huge honesty points here.

    (all via BBC relay only, as i read it)

    looking forward. Joe, get ready to take up the slack when Sky hijacks every other race.

  2. Hi Joe,
    I’ve heard this evening that JJ Lehto has been charged for his part in the powerboat crash last year – is there any truth to this?

  3. Joe,

    Have you seen this on board of Schumacher’s first lap and a half? He passes a car on the run down to Eau Rouge under yellows then passes di Resta on the outside before Les Combes on the second lap by carrying so much speed that he ends up with all four wheels off the track. I know the stewards are busy at that point in the race but you would think at least one of these would merit their attention. di Resta could no doubt have kept his position had he braked a lot later and taken the same route off the track.

  4. Totally agree with your opening piece, Spa needs a permanent home on the calendar, thanks to a couple of online TV services (legal ones!) I was able to see most of the support races and, with the exception of the Porsches, they were full of action and overtaking. The circuit produces good racing because it’s so fast, the cars run closer to their limits throughout the lap, maintaining momentum is important and the driver can make the difference. There was a noticeable line throughout the commentaries “so and so won here in the X series” National series’ from across Europe take in Spa because it’s such a good circuit, a real training ground (if the stat I heard is right, Knockhill stretched out would just about fit in the first sector!)

    There’s been talk alls eason about the DRS creating artificial racing – at Spa the F1 cars even using DRS weren’t picking off places as quickly as GP2! Is there a circuit that delivers so many overtaking spots as Spa?!

    IF FOCA really cares about the fans (and that’s in doubt now that they’re happy for the UK viewrs to be fobbed off with highlights for half the season) they should push FOM towards fixing some races on the calendar, GB, Belgium, Italy, Germany, France? USA, Canade, Brazil, Japan & Australia. That leaves 10 rounds to go to the highest bidders, essentially the p[ay races would subsidise the other rounds. F1 needs the best drivers, in the best cars on the best circuits..

  5. It’s a recent truism just being forgotten, what a draw Schumacher really was. One cous is a nut job ManU fan, not really up for things F1.

    But a retrospective issue about MSC? Yeah, that changes things a bit. I intend to pummel to the last breath, anything i can find out about how dedicated non F1 fans (sample size: fairly big family on my Mom’s side) think about the differences. My interest goes beyond just being the car nut (my bro is not a car nut but a transport academic, kinda retired now, specialized or known for sorting traffic jam equations, so he almost counts) to the simple fact my game is advertising arbitrage: at what point does a specialized interest break out, at what point should i pile in and put whatever i have on the line? So easy to make mistakes. To roughly quote Niederhoffer, one time Soros’s point man and who hit boundaries for 25 years before blowing himself up, if you think you beat a simple mistake, the traps have unlimited cousins who substitute to sucker you again, same way, different ruse. Hero to literally zero, on a print deadline. There’s good reason the bulk of traders of anything are young. I have come to the belated conclusion that you do not suss out distribution, you may have to control it, if you don’t fancy hairy risks. See Glencore, and decidedly check out their chairman Simon Murray, most fascinating and engaging chap, absolutely hard core in his younger years, Legionnaire for the classical reasons.

    But back to the immediate present, maybe not now, but sometime soon, exacerbated by the sheer lack of fortitude in the Sky arrangement, publications will start to be a premium way that F1 talks to the world. I think this is the most important thing ever for the sport. Everything else in print (you know what i mean, as in has print date, not soft deadlines) is weak beer, and yet i only deal with press print.

    Not yet renouncing the devil of my life, not a good ploy,

    just found out in theory Sky will stream me their channel, possibly for F1 too, whilst i muck around doing some commercial chest thumping in the real outdoors, not my ivory tower. The things you do not learn because you don’t normally watch telly . .

    If you fancy GP+ for a Kindle by the way, you need to do under color removal, then convert to a narrow 4 bit gray scale palette, which means setting black point if you want to see anything, and some font substitution. Boundary reflows for text boxes not easy. Otherwise you just image it, and get slowness, molasses. I found that if you load big PDF’s, you start thinking the machine has “hung”, whilst it does do the translations quite well (resize to US letter for the Kindle aspect ratio) that’s hard work for it, so you hit next page, and wonder what’s happening for minutes on end. Kindle good for reading lots of text in page order, not a great deal else, but it does what says on tin. Waiting for a PixelQi screen tablet. There doesn’t seem to be any easy way to “re – preflight” GP+ for varied output, not from the published edition anyhow, as issued. Simple reason: it’s too blimming well tweaked for the intended viewing. Consider safecracker respects safe maker! I am dropping back to almost automatic laser print settings, just a few tweaks for the paper i use, and perfect. To do better you need what are called device interchange profiles for the color, which requires calibrated input as well as output. Say even i could twist Joe’s arm to get that set in compilation, it still requires really expensive software and calibration the output end or no dice. Nett Nett: impossible to fault what’s delivered, and i tried 🙂

    all best,

    – john

  6. Sparkling Spa: Joe, although born in Belgium, Audrey Hepburn was British and raised and educated in the Netherland…. But she was not belgian.

    1. Alec,

      If you know the rules of Belgian citizenship you are a better man than I am. My son was born in France and thus is a French national, whether he wants to be or not.

  7. Mark Webber
    Fernando Alsonso
    Lap 9
    Eau Rouge

    Probably one of the best overtaking moves ever, ranks alongside Mansell/Berger at Mexico or Mansell/Senna at Spanish GP.

  8. Is it just me or did Lewis seem to be very slow getting out of the car. That was a big hit. I thought for a moment after he finally stopped that he might have been knocked out.

  9. Joe, as a loyal reader, and subscriber, my plea: Could/would you please provide some depth and possible explanation to/for Mssr Webber’s absolute inability to put his RB F1 car into motion at lights out? To me THIS is the issue of the season. MW is the challenger most capable of, well, challenging, as he has supposedly equal equipment to our runaway leader, yet BLOWS any and all grid advantage every race. I expected the same this time, but he shocked even me.

    1. docjkm,

      It is not Webber’s fault apparently. There are glitches in the software. I know it is odd but how can one discover more than that? If the team is stitching him up then they are not going to comment, are they?

  10. Hi Joe

    Just wanted to say what a great read GP+ is. I was sceptical for a while about paying the subscription, but after now recieving 3 excellent editions I can confirm its money well spent!


  11. I’m with docjkm as to clamoring for the lowdown on MW’s starts.

    It may not be an ECU thing. You can set potentiometer curves, tweak pedal responses, spike the impedance on the line . . such things i learned not from F1 but from being lousy building boards in a lab and having to debug my poor scruffy work.

    Also, did not Paul Di Resta shock DC by explaining how they can preset the sECU to run the corners to different maps, so long as it was consistent over night?

    Remembering that, i think DC actually stepped back a bit on horror. Well, i did. Sure it makes sense, the unit is standard, it has known parameters, you may tweak them and it’s still the same black box. Even black boxes can be understood externally after a while. But i just got a chill down my neck that Paul Di R “misspoke”.

    The geek F1 crowd needs to get on this.

    I am fed up with MW having to make up so much position all the time for no obvious reason. Age and slowing reactions simply do not explain it. See MSC.

  12. My understanding of the starts is that it is almost all controlled by the computer except for when the car starts to move. Now how the computer decides to use the clutch is programmed off what the grip is expected to be from the tyres and from the track. If the tyres are at the wrong temperature (higher or lower) or are worn differently to what is expected, then this can cause issues, as can the track surface being grippier or not than expected.

    I believe some of this is worked out when the driver leaves his grid spot for the warm up lap. This means there may be a calculation that isn’t correct (possibly the calculations are based on Vettel’s actions and they don’t align with Webber’s), something wasn’t at the expected level (grip, temp, etc), someone is dodgying up the calculations (maybe the little Frenchman at Renault who kept blowing up Hill’s car at Williams in 1993 whenever he looked like challenging Prost) or Webber isn’t running through the start processes correctly (unlikely in this case as he has previously admitted to this when it has happened).

  13. elephino,

    you sound like you are up on this, but something relevant is how floating point maths gets calculated by computers. It’s not a natural fit with binary processing. I’ve seen up close some awful messes, one little thing and you’re off the chart. IIRC the Arianne rocket blowup was a FP maths error. I hardly see stewards sussing out that. Think back to the Pentium bug, which was only triggered by a certain input. So, you have analog inputs, measured after the digital to analog converter. Maybe a bit of carbon dust messed up the throttle throw . .

    I have a sudden desire to wish Webber into that Mercedes Schumi has. Not for any reason but i think Brawn may be keeping things clean between the cars. Hard to say, but i want to see MW smile on the podium one time. Presuming he knows, and we do not.

    – j

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