Q3: Vettel on pole from Webber

Sebastian Vettel took pole position in Singapore on Saturday night with a lap that was three-tenths faster than his team-mate Mark Webber, with Jenson Button third for McLaren, edging out his team-mate Lewis Hamilton, who missed out on a final run but still managed to retain fourth place. It is not clear whether Hamilton was saving tyres after a puncture in Q2, or whether there was a problem. Ther was talk of a fuelling problem. Fernando Alonso was fifth, close to the McLarens but more than a second faster than Felipe Massa, who scrapped over sixth place with Nico Rosberg, while Michael Schumacher, Adrian Sutil and Paul di Resta did not set any times, although Schumacher did at least go out and do a lap, albeit without recording a time at the end. It was not a great session and a shame for the fans who had turned out to watch the action.

Early in the session Hamilton was help up by Massa, while the Brazilian aborted his first run after the incident.

Webber leapt up to P2 in the closing seconds which also saw Button pip Hamilton.

But Vettel was unbeatable… again.

5 thoughts on “Q3: Vettel on pole from Webber

  1. I don’t understand the complaints about drivers not doing laps during Q3. So what? It is a valid strategy to save tyres. Fans don’t have a right to complain about teams using strategy.

    Perhaps tickets for the Saturday should have “buyer beware” on them.

  2. I wondered why Rosberg, alone among the “not RB, McL, SF group”, went out in Q3. Scanning the times again: he improved his grid position by one place – over his teammate. He always seems quite cool; but I take this as a sign of a bit of intensity? Good.

  3. What’s worse:
    – 3 out of 10 drivers coming out for 2 sessions but not the last session, or
    – all drivers not coming out for the first 30-odd minutes of a 60 minute session

    So, to all those who moan about the Q3 session (most of whom thankfully don’t appear to comment here – or possibly comments are removed by Joe so that we don’t have to suffer them), I say you have short memories. Then again, I suspect a large portion of them complained when there was refuelling then complained when there wasn’t refuelling. Complained when there were tyre changes then complained when there weren’t tyre changes. Replace previous sentences with any of the following (and more): wings, slicks, barge boards, Michael Schumacher.

    And don’t forget, them rear-engined cars will be the death of Formula 1!

    I’ll go take my medicine now….

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