It’s insane: one hour 45 minutes after the race – an 80-page magazine!!

This week’s issue brings you all the news from Singapore, just a few hours after the chequered flag, including full race and qualifying reports, columns and some interesting features:

F1’s unluckiest driver revealed

How McLaren is going to make billions

Is F1 getting it wrong with the fans

And action from the Bonneville Salt Flats

For more information about subscriptions, go to

Plus great photography.

18 thoughts on “It’s insane: one hour 45 minutes after the race – an 80-page magazine!!

  1. In your Rucle on the business model, your diagram of the connections between the various stakeholders does not show the FIA. Do the FIA not receive any money from F1? In selling off the rights, surely Max would have made sure there was some ongoing revenue to the FIA. If not, then this must be a much greater disservice to the FIA than his fetishes ever were.

  2. I just mucked off the the gym and for a walk around the City, after race. Figured could leave it at that, not expecting. Thanks, Joe, you messed up my dinner! Not, not because i was reading GP+ (was dinner after all) but trying to suss your logistics, and wondering how a press could keep up with you . .

    You have me overdosing on tea again . .

    I took a walk, Joe spun a mag. Compare and contrast at your leisure 🙂

    all best to the GP+ lot,

    – j

  3. But how many laps is “with xxxxx laps to go” in the (otherwise excellent) article about Chris Amon? 😉

    I know, with such a short workflow, errors are certain to slip by, but I have a sneaking suspicion that that particular article wasn’t written between 10pm and midnight last night!

  4. I am sorry I am two weeks late with this but I really enjoyed your article two weeks ago on the late, great Phil Hill.

  5. Joe,

    The subscription is per year? Is not clear to me on the site and PayPal site says ‘subscription2011’.


    1. Sebastiaan

      The subscription is by calendar year. Jan 1 2011 to Dec 31 2011. You get the archive thrown in (at the moment) so it is still worth it.

      Next year the archive will cost money.

  6. Ok Joe. Just deposited 20.461 CLP (Chilean pesos) for the subscription, hopefully for you that equals 25 GBP :-). Look forward to dig into the archive.

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