American youngster to test Ferrari F1

Next week at Vallelunga the Italian Formula 3 champion Sergio Campana and the series rookie of the year Michael Lewis will both have the chance to test a Ferrari F60 Formula 1 car, as part of the ongoing scheme to promote the Italian F3 championship and help Ferrari find young drivers. Lewis finished second in the series, with three victories to his name and only a few points behind Campana.

Lewis was recently named as a finalist for the FIA Young Driver Academy for 2012. The Californian driver began his racing career in quarter-scale midgets at Pomona in 2003, at the age of 13. He switched to karts in 2005 and raced in Europe in 2006 with CRG, driving for Dino Chiesa’s Chiesa Corse kart team. In 2009 he moved to Formula BMW and was rookie of the year in the BMW Americas Series and then moved to the European championship last year. He moved to Italian F3 this year with Prema Powerteam. Lewis is also studying for a business degree at California State University at Fullerton, in Los Angeles.

8 thoughts on “American youngster to test Ferrari F1

  1. Not that I would suggest that Max Chilton is not a great driver in his own right, does this not seem a little like Force India have chosen the highest bidder, rather than the highest talent, for the young driver test?

  2. Wow! Starting at the late age of 13 (and only starting karts at 15) and coming this far in less than 8years is pretty darn good. Good luck to him. Obviously focused and driven

  3. I’ve known Michael Lewis his entire life. He is a solid, funny and respectful young man with a great racing future ahead of him.

  4. I,too, have known Michael all thru the years. He is focused,intelligent,polite,and friendly and humble… Has anyone said that he is the only American to be invited to the fia event in Abu Dhabi!! This young man is a sponsor’s dream!!! .. Just watch and see the talent rise to the top.
    Bryson in Laguna beach

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