Ron Dennis’s speech at McLaren

Ron Dennis made a significant speech at the opening of the McLaren Production Centre, in the presence of British Prime Minister David Cameron.

“Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to McLaren. I say “ladies and gentlemen”, because that’s the polite convention but, more importantly, you’re all policy makers, industry leaders, influencers and opinion-formers. Welcome to you all.

“Prime Minister, thank you, especially, for taking the time to join us here today.

“We appreciate your visit very much, since it clearly demonstrates your commitment to our industry – an industry which, we know, sits at the very heart of your declared strategy to rebalance the UK economy. And I’m sure all of us here today, whether we be policy makers or industry leaders, support that strategy. Certainly, McLaren intends to contribute to it.

“McLaren comprises a group of companies, all of them based here on this corporate campus in Woking and all of them sharing a common culture, but with different technological disciplines and therefore different business objectives.

“Yet they all share the ambition to be the best, the ambition to win. Ambition is the driving force of entrepreneurship, which the Government is keen to facilitate and foster. It’s a vision shared by all McLaren’s shareholders.

“Without their investment in the UK, and more specifically in McLaren Automotive, we wouldn’t be sitting here today. It’s a vision also shared by everyone at McLaren, whether they be directors, or apprentices, or anyone in between.

“But we’re here today, above all, to celebrate the formal opening of the McLaren Production Centre, the new home of McLaren Automotive, which sits behind me across the lake and which the Prime Minister has just toured.

“McLaren Automotive has recently launched a high-performance sports car, the McLaren MP4-12C, which has already attracted outstanding reviews. We’ve already pre-sold almost 2000 cars, and we’re proud that they’re being designed, developed and manufactured right here in Woking.

“McLaren is a very successful motor racing organisation which has won 20 Formula 1 world championships and 175 Formula 1 races – a total which equates to one in every four races that we’ve contested since 1966. We’ve also won the famous Indianapolis 500 race three times and the iconic Le Mans 24 Hours race at our first attempt.

“But McLaren will always be a Formula 1 team and Formula 1 will always be a core part of McLaren’s business.

“When the international motor racing season kicks off early next year, another McLaren company, McLaren Electronic Systems, will be in a unique position. Because every single car in the world’s three premier motor racing series – in other words every single car in Formula 1, every single car in the IndyCar series and every single car in the most popular and successful racing series in the United States, NASCAR – will all be using engine control units made here in Woking. McLaren Electronic Systems is the world leader in the field of automotive electronic control systems for motorsport.

“But McLaren isn’t only about racing cars and sports cars.

“Because we’re now seeing very exciting developments from McLaren Applied Technologies, which has grown rapidly and profitably over the past few years.

“McLaren Applied Technologies develops motorsport-honed technologies for alternative applications, taking McLaren’s technological knowhow into areas that no Formula 1 team has ever been to before. The British cyclist Mark Cavendish, who’s here today, became a world champion this year on a Specialized road bike that was developed by McLaren Applied Technologies.

“We’re working with the British Olympic Association on a number of sports and a number of British Olympians will therefore benefit from McLaren Applied Technologies during London 2012. And for National Air Traffic Services, we’ve developed a system that simulates aircraft ground movements in British airports, including Heathrow.

“I could, I assure you, go on.

“But why is McLaren doing all this? We’re doing all this because we’re committed to growth. Which is good news for the local community. Good news for jobs. Good news for exports. And good news for UK plc.

“As I’ve said, the Prime Minister has recently spoken about promoting entrepreneur-ship and rebalancing the UK economy. We at McLaren believe passionately in the importance of making things, of manufacturing high-tech, state-of-the-art, premium products.

“We very much support the Prime Minister’s desire to rebalance the UK economy.

“Over the past 20 years, manufacturing as a percentage of the UK economy fell from just over 18 per cent in 1990 to 11 per cent in 2009. Recent figures have shown small but encouraging signs of improvement but we must all work to arrest the wider decline. And that’s why McLaren aims to do its bit to support the rebalancing of the UK economy that I’ve just described and, in so doing, we intend to tap in to what is in fact a far more robust tradition, a far grander tradition, than we’ve seen in recent years, with over-reliance on financial and service industries. McLaren is, I hope, a dynamic and entrepreneurial force for good committed to designing and manufacturing high-tech, state-of-the-art, premium products. And, as I say, that’s a robust tradition, a grand tradition, which is why I was encouraged to see that where the old £50 note used to carry an image of Sir John Houblon, a banker, the new £50 note carries images of James Watt and Matthew Boulton – two of the greatest figures in the industrial history of Great Britain whose famous company, Boulton & Watt, engineered and manufactured state-of-the-art steam engines throughout the 19th century.

“I regard this new £50 note as a small but nevertheless clear indication that manufacturing and engineering are being recognised and prioritised by this Government and I hope that this Government will continue to remove the barriers that hamper British companies’ ability to grow and incentivise British companies to be successful in the future.

“At McLaren we’re fully supportive of the move to encourage STEM in our schools and colleges – in other words, science, technology, engineering and mathematics and that’s why McLaren has been a pioneer of the Government’s ‘See Inside Manufacturing’ initiative which has encouraged schoolchildren, including children here in Woking, to come to McLaren to see and be inspired by what they can achieve if they study STEM subjects at school. In fact we’re particularly proud to welcome here today the boys and girls from Woking College who were the winners of the recent McLaren Manufacturing Challenge, which was part of the Government’s ‘See Inside Manufacturing’ initiative and we regard their achievement as a fantastic example of what can be accomplished by young people, in the STEM subjects, through ambition, dedication and teamwork.

“And that’s the key word – teamwork. Because, inspired by steadfast shareholder support, intelligent and focused management and a talented and dedicated workforce, together, we’re daring to try.

“And as a result of this unwavering effort, supported by the Government, we hope to inspire the scientists, technologists, engineers and mathematicians of the future to dare to try too. Thank you.”

13 thoughts on “Ron Dennis’s speech at McLaren

  1. Kudos to Ron Dennis and his team at McLaren…great undertaking. Bit ironic that it’s all been funded by American tobacco money and Arab (Ojjeh & Bahrain) and German (Daimler) shareholders.

  2. I firmly believe Ron Dennis ranks alongside Enzo Ferrari and Colin Chapman as one of the great visionaries of motor sports. The man ought to be knighted.

  3. You have to admire what Ron Dennis and his team have achieved.
    Wonderful for McLaren, excellent for the UK and Formula One.


  4. Joe,
    All the speeches at McLaren seem to have missed the key point. Ron Dennis had a vision and a determination that is far in excess of the average persons. He then found the money to fund that driving ambition and was able to secure it because of the drive he has, a self fulfilling prophecy so to speak.

    Ron is also very smart for another reason, he understands his limitations and has head hunted and recruited the very best people to put around him in every single position. His drive and ambition then gets the best out of them. Short of setting up a Ron Dennis cloning facility in Woking how is the UK gov going to replicate that?

    It is all about personality and mindset, drive and ambition. Max Mosley hated Dennis for it, but it is the secret of his success. Ron Dennis is much, much more than his self, because he acts as a force multiplier for all of those within his sphere of influence!

  5. I’ve known Ron for over 40 years. At the time he was a mechanic working for Jack Brabham. What he has achieved is phenomenal. Stephen Bailey, the self-appointed brainiest person in the UK if not in the Universe-slagged Ron off recently in CAR Magazine as someone who comes from the wrong side of Woking. Well Stephen, look in the mirror and ask yourself: what have I done for Britain or motor racing or anything else for that matter apart from making sanctimonious statements? Without Ron, Frank and Bernie-let us not forget-to mention just three Brits this country would not have become the epicenter of the World’s motor racing industry. Bias? Well, actually I write for a magazine on Ferraris..

  6. Ron has his faults like any human being.
    Despite these, we must all agree, he is an exceptional example of the human race.

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