Meanwhile in another court

An amateur attempt to blackmail the Ecclestone Family has ended up in the Southwark Crown Court with a 41-year-old dental technician Martin Peckham pleading guilty to demanding £200,000 from Ecclestone, claiming that he had kidnapped Bernie’s daughter Tamara. Peckham came up with the idea after hearing of a similar scam on television. Judge Alistair McCreath will pass sentence in September. A long sentence is expected. Ecclestone went straight to the police.

In February Tamara gave evidence in an other alleged blackmail case, in which it is claimed two men tried to get £200,000 by threatening to reveal secrets of her sex life. The pair deny the allegations.

15 thoughts on “Meanwhile in another court

  1. What in idiot! As well as being a criminal and immoral thing to do, this seems so lacking in intelligence on so many levels. Perhaps when they lock him up they could convince him he’s just on holiday in a land of cuckoos…

    1. I think there may be stamp duty on blackmail … anything over £200k puts you in a higher tax bracket …

      1. Haha, Im from the UK and i would never of thought of that. Are you experienced in these kind of things :-p

  2. I hope that you, our English brethren, have a TV show equivalent to our stateside’s “America’s Dumbest Criminals,” because this one would surely carry off an award thereon.

  3. Surprised Bernie did not recognize the ‘potential’ in this entremanure and hire him as a Press relations consultant

  4. Someone tried to blackmail Bernie and he went straight to the police…..

    Maybe they should have threatened his trust fund rather than his daughter, he pays out for that.

    1. Somewhere theres a Dental Technician who wishes he had thought of that, anyone else out there with a mundane job looking for a creative solution?

    2. Ha Ha excellent! But Grib is appealing so apparently a confession of guilt means something different in Germany.

  5. What, in BE’s world is the difference between a ‘Shakedown’ and ‘Blackmail’? Oh, $49 million, or thereabouts.

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