Razia signs for Marussia F1?

The word on the street in Brazil is that Luiz Razia will be racing the second Marussia this season, alongside Max Chilton. The news is yet to be confirmed but Razia is known to have been one of the drivers negotiating with the team and with Caterham in recent weeks. The suggestion we are hearing is that Caterham will end up employing Dutchman Giedo Van der Garde. Both drivers come with sizeable sponsorship packages. If these two deals are confirmed it will mean that only seat is left in f1 for this year: the second Force India, which is now expected to go to France’s Jules Bianchi.

If this happens it will mean that Bruno Senna and Vitaly Petrov will both be out of F1. The arrival of Razia strengthens Brazilian interest in the sport, which now largely relies on Felipe Massa, but we hear that Rubens Barrichello could be making a comeback in 2013 in F1 as a commentator for Brazilian TV. The longtime F1 star raced IndyCars last year but is now doing only the Brazilian stock car series, but he will be able to do a number of races, presumably working alongside the longtime commentator Luciano Burti, another ex-F1 driver.

33 thoughts on “Razia signs for Marussia F1?

  1. Joe, if this scenario turns out to be on the money (and I don’t doubt it) don’t you think this trio of potential rookies is underwhelming in extremis?
    Razia is nothing to write home about. Driving at F3000/GP2 level since 2006 and still hasn’t managed to win the championship? Same is true of van der Garde. Bianchi is also completely mediocre and appears to have squandered every chance he’s had, despite being a Ferrari junior driver.
    If F1 was a meritocracy we’d see Antonio Felix da Costa and Robin Frijns all graduating next year rather than those well-healed bozos.

    1. F1 is a funny little corner in the Motorsport world, there is no given to who should drive in F1, give them a chance, Alesi was awsome on his debut in 89 at Paul Ricard, Schumacher likewise for Jordan and let us not forget Irvine in 93………………..

  2. I’d expected Vitaly at Marussia. If he’s not good enough for them, I think you might be true about Vd Garde. Because if Caterham really wanted Petrov, they would’ve signed him. That even his compatriots don’t want him tells me he’s out. Or of to Scorpion? *coughcough*
    I still have hopes for Bruno at FI though.

  3. Wasn’t he a test driver for Virgin (Marussia) in 2010? That should have had an influence, too, as the team would have some direct knowledge of his abilities.

  4. Wow, Paul di Resta, Vitaly Petrov (who saved CAterham some big $) and Senna all potentially out of F1 for 2013. I don’t care about the pay driver tag so much but that’s an impressive blood letting of solid drivers (including Heikki, Glock, and Kobayashi of course) over the course of an off season.

      1. I wish. Mediocrity, Joe, mediocrity.
        He was a potent talent that can’t cut it in F1. Should swap places with Glock and return to DTM

  5. Pretty well consigned themselves to slot 11 again this year without even turning a wheel. Well Done, that team; what an underwhelming line up.

  6. Is there any chance of either Senna or Petrov ending up at Force India; or is the driver for the second seat a straight choice between Bianchi and Suttil.

  7. I do not agree that the addition of Razia, in a Marussia, and the loss of Bruno Senna strengthens Brazilian interest in the sport. Bruno Senna and the legacy of his Uncle still resonate worldwide. Strategically, Bernie Ecclestone and Carlos Ghosn can’t be too thrilled with the choice of Giedo Van der Garde over either Petrov or Senna.

  8. caterham promised Heikki if he helps them secure 10th place they will renew his contract..Vitaly did! and he is dropped from the team…goes to show their hypocrisy in all this…I wish marrusia was able to secure the 10th place…atleast they wouldnt have left glock out citing similar reasons.

    1. How do you know what was promised by anyone to anyone else? Secondly, surely it is better for teams to remain as strong as possible financially, rather than hoping that an average driver like Petrov ( in F1 terms) will get them sufficient points to guarantee them 10th or better in 2013. I would call this prudent management.

  9. All a puzzle to me. Why do sponsors support average drivers and not seek someone better. I’m not pointing a finger at anyone in particular but what is it that sponsors look for in a driver because it does it doesn’t seem to be proven ability? Williams burned their fingers on Senna. Nice chap and I wish him well but Rubens would have brought in more money via points than Bruno and far better feedback. Is there not enough money in Japan to use Kamui to promote their interests?

  10. As a Dutch guy, I’d rather see Robin Frijns race than Vd Garde. Giedo seems to be just off par and Robin (with rough edges) seems to be right on the money…but with some maturing to do..

  11. You are making dutch F1 fans very happy, you’re rarely mistaken and most of the time well informed.

    Can’t wait for the Caterham official presentation 😉

  12. Petrov is far too good a driver to be shown the door. It’s ridiculous that a solid Russian driver that is still improving cannot be utilized within F1. Ditto for Kobyashi who was one of the most exciting risk takers on the grid. Get some corporate sponsorship partners instead of bleeding drivers and selling seats you lazy bums. The office jockeys in charge of business development whom cannot sell this supposed ‘global branding platform’ are the ones to be shown the door. Allowing accountants to run the sport will kill the spectacle. Talent in its prime should not be blown out the door there needs to be intervention and some kind of provision / agreement to protect talent within the sport – come on Bernie step up this is getting stupid.

  13. Van der Garde gets the Caterham seat. Pressconference in Amsterdam at 3:30 P.M. local time. An ohter Dutch driver fiasco is in the making.

    1. I am sure it will all be public information in about 40 minutes from now, as GvdG has a press conference planned in Amsterdam.

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