From Lotus to Mercedes…

The exodus of engineering talent from Lotus F1 Team has been going on for more than a year with a series of departures, of engineers who have often had long careers an Enstone. The latest to move is Jarrod Murphy, the team’s head of computational fluid dynamics who decided some months ago that he would accept an offer to go to Mercedes GP Petronas. There have been some reports that he was going off to Ferrari but this is not the case. Murphy has been at Enstone since 1996 when he joined the team straight from university. He spent three years working in stress analysis before moving into CFD and has played an important role in the team ever since.

20 thoughts on “From Lotus to Mercedes…

  1. It’s a shame that Lotus has to go through this. I can only think that this is related to the financial struggles they’ve been facing from some time now…

    1. There is a story somewhere that Kimi himself is still owed a large portion of his salary and bonus for this year. If that is true then clearly the financial struggles are the major problem Lotus has. (Probably true for most teams apart from RB, SF, McL, Merc).

      1. Forget Kimi, Kamui Kobayashi is still owed millions of dollars. The obvious reality is that these guys would drive for free if they had to. One wonders, without Kimi, how long it is before Lotus’ money men get tire of their expensive and increasingly lackluster toy.

  2. hey Joe
    could the exit of James Allison, de Beers, and now Jared Murphy be also connected to money or the lack of it or is this just the case of Kimi and these team members wanted a new challenge?

    1. It is, a believe, an indication that the engineers are Lotus nervous about the future and take offers that come to to them. I also believe that if the owners were able to calm the fears then the team would stay together and continue to do well. There is an impressive esprit de corps at Lotus, or at least there has been.

      1. ‘Corporate Spirit’ goes South pretty quickly, when the spectre of failing job security, enforced resource austerity, and payroll uncertainty comes over the horizon.

        Every info snippet about Lotus at the moment screams “future train wreck looking for a place to happen”

        Is that your underlying inklings as well, from “reading the tea-leaves” and F1 paddock-talk Joe? JF

  3. If Lotus move to a new factory and rebrand we’ll definitely know that they’re out. It’s the final signs of a company going down the tubes.

  4. Rats leaving the sinking ship.

    Not that Lotus is likely to sink outright. More probable is that they’ll tumble from A level contenders to a C level backmarkers in the span of a single off season.

    Were 2014 not a year of revolutionary rules changes, Lotus might fall just a single tier. But 2014 is a year of revolutionary rules changes. A year that requires the teams start designing their new cars far earlier than it typical.

    Given Lotus’ mass departures, it’s fair to assume the team has yet to start real development on the 2014 car.

  5. The Hulk is desperate to prove that he’s not a pay driver by going from one team that doesn’t pay him straight to another. IMO this is a huge risk for him as there might not be money and he might not beat Grojean. He’s better off at sauber at least if the Russian money does come through he’ll probably beat the other guy.

  6. All these departures are to the big spenders, yet another reminder of why a budget cap is needed before we end up with a grid of Ferraris and Red Bulls

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