A new deal for Brazil

The Brazilian Grand Prix is on the Formula 1 calendar until at least 2020. An agreement was signed in Sao Paulo yesterday between Bernie Ecclestone and Fernando Haddad, the mayor of Sao Paulo. Work on the construction of a new pit and paddock complex will start in 2014 and the work should be finished in time for the Grand Prix in 2015. It is believed that Ecclestone look at various alternatives to Interlagos, including Rio de Janeiro but could not find a better option.

20 thoughts on “A new deal for Brazil

      1. To be fair, Herman Tilke didn’t f* up Silverstone, that was done by Populous, whose previous claim to fame (under their old HOK Sports guise) was saddling most of North America’s Baseball cities with cookie-cutter retro ballparks in the 90s and 00s. Yeah them. zzZZzZZZzz

  1. Good news for F1 to see Sao Paulo stay on the calendar. Is the plan still to put the new pit complex in the lower part of the circuit?

    I hope the Sao Paulo authorities are so excited by their new found commitment to open wheel racing that they reinstate the Sao Paulo indycar race, but I doubt it…

  2. Yay for Brazil and I am hoping Montreal sign a deal very soon as it will be a huge disappointment if it is lost all together after 2014

    1. Top 5 race for sure, it was only this year Vettel succeeded in producing a snoozefest having failed to do so on the last lap in 2012, being the champion he is he dug deep for the win.

  3. Do you think Bernie has been……ahem……lenient on the amount of money he’s been asking from the Brazilians to stage the race? He was pretty lenient on the Germans at one stage (didn’t he let them have it for free one year?), and I’m just guessing here, but I don’t see the Brazilians having sheadloads of cash to finance it. Maybe he thought that to have a Brazilian GP is good from a traditional point of view and went easier on them to facilitate it?

      1. F1 Grand Prix is currently a profitable, highly sponsored and visible event in Brazil. There’s no need at all to be lenient on money charges, but indeed Bernie should facilitate on having a local driver for the following years to keep everything properly working on this same positive trend.

  4. Is this likely to have any impact on whether Massa gets a drive in 2014?
    (eg GP organisers seek reassurance from Bernie that there will be a Brazilian driver on the grid; Bernie “persuades” team to hire Felipe)?

  5. “I don’t see the Brazilians having sheadloads of cash to finance it. ”
    Don’t they keep it in the form of gold bars at the bottom of Swiss Lakes?

  6. Am glad that the GP will remain at Interlagos; real echoes of Senna which still holds great memories of 1991 & 1993! And of course, let’s not forget 2008 and Massa’s near moment of glory. It’s a great circuit in my opinion.

  7. Was he serious about finding a new venue or was that one of MR E’s tricks to get the guys in Interlagos to meet his demands ?

  8. OT, what do you make of Alonso’s remarks onecan read these days. Praising Hulkenberg’s performance in Korea, the teammate he probably would have preferred, and then basically saying Raikkonen will not be faster than Massa?

    Is this just reported because it creates the impression he is sending a message to the team, or has he already started (or continues) to play political games?

  9. That’s good news. Are there any layout plans anywhere that would show any changes they are going to make to the track?

  10. Why not threaten the Brazilians like the British and replace them with a snoozefest of a GP in Timbuktu? (Korea,India?)

  11. thank god interlagos remains. like others, I hope that tilke stays totally out of it and they dont change the track or ruin the pitlane like they did at silverstone. f1 needs to retain its critical history tracks intact.

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