17 thoughts on “Machinations in Melbourne

  1. Lol yeah could be right. We always hear the costs to the public argument v income for local business and putting Melbourne on the world stage etc. For the last few years there has been some toing and froing between the Melbourne organises and Bernie Ecclestone, with the Victorian government throwing there two bobs worth in and it always makes the news.
    With 100,000 plus turning up each GP and good TV numbers it still looks relatively secure. But the race time still remains an issue I think.
    With many other countries vying for a GP it is going to get very competitive.

  2. Funny you should say that, Joe. I’ve been to all but one Melbourne GP and every year at Adelaide. But not this year… going to Sepang. Transport, tickets and hotel accommodation all cheaper.

    Now… an audience with Joe in KL? I’d be a starter!

      1. Penn is right on this one, as a Sydney sider I went to Sepang rather than Melbourne last year. It was cheaper. Race tickets were roughly half the cost of a Melbourne equivelant (turn 1 grandstand), accommodation on the Sepang Gold Coast was dirt cheap (stayed in the same palm shaped resort as a number of F1 identities) compared to Melbourne and the savings in accomdation and race tickets more than made up for the international airfare with Air Asia. Maybe staying in KL is dearer, but the Gold Coast was dirt cheap! Shame about the humidity tho, ugh!

        Anyway, glad to see you gave this story the attention it deserves Joe. One can almost set a watch by the timing of these stories each year πŸ™‚

        1. Very true, Cornbread. A strategy that works for me is to focus, every time the humidity becomes unbearable, on your return to the hotel, a shower, and change of clothes and a couple of freezing cold Tiger beers. Works wonders.

    1. Pack plenty of Johnson & Johnson. Don’t forget to take a raincoat as well. When it rains in Malaysia, it pours !!

  3. We might only get a 2 year deal says Ron Walker – before inevitably announcing the next 5-10 year deal since he’s so close to Bernie.

    Govt states it must be a better deal for the tax payer, before inevitably rolling over in the face of Bernie and Ron’s deal πŸ™‚

    General Public usually says, “Oh is the grand prix on again? I didn’t even know it was still going, we’ve been so caught up in the Tennis”

    1. Almost forgot – Its about time for Bernie to demand a night race or we’ll lose the GP
      Plus, there’s a country on the phone right now ready to pay double to have it next year – the old car salesman πŸ™‚

  4. Paul is correct with the Govt is claiming it wants better value from GP funding.
    There is a state election due this year and the incumbant is hanging on by a thread. It’s a favourite of the media to grab this one at least once a year, it will largely depend on the opinion polls as to how much support the Govt give the AGP.

  5. And every year The Age and the ABC goes on about how much the show costs and why is the poor old Victorian tax payer paying for a bunch of mincing millionaire prima donnas to drive around their race track for 2 hours on a Sunday evening. It’s as predictable as Christmas, boring

  6. I hope the Melb race gets the bullet. I love the city (it’s where I grew up) but the circuit is appallingly boring and the pit area for the F1 teams is far too small.

    An F1 race at a minimally adjusted Bathurst would quickly become a classic venue. The ultimate stumbling block is the unfailing ability of the NSW Govt to only build necessary infrastructure 20 or 30 years after its need became obvious to a new born baby.

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