A new position at Ferrari

Ferrari has had a slight switch around in its management in recent days with the appointment of Antonello Coletta as the new Sporting Activities Director. He will report to Stefano Domenicali and the role seems to be similar to what other teams might called Chief Operating Officer. He will work alongside Technical Director James Allison, Engineering Director Pat Fry, Engine and Electronics Director Luca Marmorini and Production Director Corrado Lanzone, taking some of the administrative strain off Domenicali.

The 47-year-old Roman has been involved in the sport since 1991 when he started out with the Forti Corse team in Formula 3 and Formula 3000. Two years later he joined Peugeot Italy as Sporting Director and moved on to Alfa Romeo in 1995. He joined Ferrari in 1997 as the coordinator of the Ferrari Challenge and then in 2003 was put in charge of the Ferrari Corse Clienti department, overseeing customer racing activities. This role has now been expanded to include F1 as well.

2 thoughts on “A new position at Ferrari

  1. I expect the other teams to make some hasty last minute adjustment to their deck chairs as each tries to steer clear of the iceberg “2014”.

  2. wonderful detail as usual Joe, thank you.
    please seriously consider that after offering my Scuderia art collection to the local chapter of Big Brothers Big Sisters of Montréal recently and awaiting further details of our negotiations to benefit this mentoring organization…,
    I would be glad to make you aware of the progress we make during the coming months.
    be well and cia tutti!

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