Meet Joe in Montreal…


Joe Saward will be hosting an Audience in Montreal at its usual venue, at the Pub St Paul, 124 rue St-Paul Est, Vieux-Montréal, Québec H2Y 1G2. This is down in the old port area. The Audience will take place on Friday, June 6.

The event will be for a limited number of Formula One fans – on a first-come-first-served basis – who would like the chance to get unique insights into Formula One from one of the sport’s leading journalists. I will answer questions about pretty much everything relating to the sport. I have not missed a Grand Prix since 1988 so I have some vague idea what I am talking about and will be arriving straight from the track so I should be up to speed with the latest whispers in the paddock.

The event will run from 7pm-11.00pm and a buffet dinner will be served mid way through the evening. Tickets cost CAD$ 60 per head. Drinks will be available at normal bar rates.

To book tickets, click here

8 thoughts on “Meet Joe in Montreal…

  1. I’m not going to Montreal. But if I was, I’d certainly go. Likewise, I’d urge anyone who is attending the race to attend the Audience as well. If you’re dropping the amount of cash required to go to an F1 race, what’s another 60 bucks?

    The last one I attended was delightful, informative and congenial. Joe doesn’t yell at you there the way he does on the blog.

  2. The Empress of Ireland went down 100 years ago tonight. Are you going to the museum like you did last year, Joe?

  3. Ordered my Tickets to an Audience with Joe last week and Canada Post/USPS has delivered my tickets for Circuit Gillies-Villeneuve. Looking forward to both events.

  4. If you will be in Montreal, and you want to know what’s really going on in F1, this is an event you do not want to miss. This is the closest most people will ever get to looking behind the scene in Formula 1. Joe is a magnificent host, excellent journalist, and has wicked awesome stories to tell of his time in covering the sport. You will get far more than you spend on the cost of admission. One of the highlights of our Montreal trips!

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