Wurz is on the move…

Former Formula 1 driver Alexander Wurz has been named as the replacement for Pedro de la Rosa as the head of the Grand Prix Drivers’ Association (GPDA). The 40-year-old Austrian, who raced with Benetton, McLaren and Williams during his F1 career, and was a test drivers with Honda and Brawn, is a man of ambition. He spent 10 years in F1 and has since won the Le Mans 24 Hours twice. He has tried a number of times to find himself a significant job in the F1 world, working with teams but has also built a business with driving training and FIA safety work. Who knows where this will lead him in the longer term, but for now a role to give the drivers more of a say will be an interesting challenge. Uniting F1 drivers is akin to herding cats but there have been occasions when this had helped to give the drivers more of a say.

“With the support of Jean [Todt] and Bernie [Ecclestone], the teams, the media and most importantly with the backing of our fans, the GPDA will now aim to become a more dynamic and positive influence for the future of our sport,” Wurz said.

Four-time World Champion Sebastian Vettel of Red Bull and McLaren’s Jenson Button will stay on as directors of the GPDA.
“Alex will be a great GPDA Chairman. He is one of the most experienced drivers I know, full of positive new ideas, and he has seen so many different aspects of the sport throughout his career,” Vettel said.

Indeed so. Keep an eye on Mr Wurz…

7 thoughts on “Wurz is on the move…

  1. Wurz always sounded a bit too smart and balanced for an F1 driver. He looked and behaved more like an engineer.

  2. To me he came across as an enthusiast (a very good thing to me). I hope it works for him. Good guy from what I see.

  3. A couple of trivia about Wurz are that he’s a former BMX World Champion and that Martin Brundle one (rather unkindly) said during commentary that he reminded him of Forrest Gump!

    But yes, speaking as someone who’s had the privilege of meeting the man he comes across as both bright and capable. A good egg.

  4. In every respect ( including speed and intelligence ) Alex Wurz is a genuine racer and enthusiast. This is a good thing for F1 and motorsport fans.

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