Unadulterated tosh!

The stories that have been widely reported about Carlos Sainz Jr joining McLaren are unadulterated tosh. The Red Bull-funded Spaniard is not in the running for a drive with McLaren, even if he decided to break his Red Bull contract. McLaren may have some Spanish sponsors in 2015 but that does not mean that they will be able to dictate an all-Spanish driver line-up, as Fernando Alonso is very clearly on the verge of being announced as a McLaren driver. This rubbish has been given wings by the usual sourceless bottom-feeders who need little introduction.

In the interim, the real news is that McLaren has been at Silverstone doing “a filming day” with Oliver Turvey at the wheel of a McLaren-Honda. Apparently the filming opportunities have been rather limited but the car has run rather more than some of the F1 teams did when they had new engines to play with last winter.

44 thoughts on “Unadulterated tosh!

  1. I confess that when I saw the headline, I thought it would be a post about BCE’s declaration that F1 does not need young fans. I suspect I know your view on that. The question, as always, is why did he say it?

    1. I agree; the headline would have been appropriate for that as well. Of course F1 needs the young; To suggest otherwise would mean that it’s lifespan is ultimately limited. Whilst I don’t like football as such, you have to say that it’s longevity seems to be assured on the basis that it keeps attracting the current/next generation of fans from the ages of 5 and upwards. With no doubt, a very few minor exceptions, F1 doesn’t (or doesn’t seem to want to) do this. Whether it’s a sport or anything else for that matter, you have to engage the young (or the next generation) if the ‘thing’ is to survive.

    2. I also meant to say that it’d be interesting to hear Joe’s view on the alleged comment however, you’re correct, I believe Joe’s made his views clear many times before over the past couple of years or so.

  2. On the subject of tosh… I await with interest Joe, genuinely, your pronouncement on Chatham apparently returning in Abu Dhabi, despite not raising all the money they require, extending their fundraising drive deadline…

    Added to that the excited cries of the Daily Mail etc that a 20 year old girl in F Renault has ‘bought her drive in F1 for £35,000’, no need for a Super Licence it seems. Or is it Joylen Palmer, or Lord Lucan, or Tamara Ecclestone driving.

    I’ve given up with the other media so await your thoughts with interest, Cheers, Nik

  3. You’re not suggesting McLaren would push/exceed the limits of the rules and test the car, are you?

    /tongue in cheek

  4. If the Honda McLaren went well today it augurs well for next year.

    It will also remind Mercedes that they need a top performer rather than a consistent second rate Bambi.

    As always time will tell.

  5. The meaning I take from that is that at the first test, few teams ran full programs because of reliability problems… Just a thought…

  6. Was Vondorne the other driver today, as I saw somewhere that they would have 2 drivers on duty to run the new car and 2 old Mac-Hondas?

  7. Now I’m being humourus and mischievous so don’t shout me down, but lol McLaren don’t have a title sponsor, the new sugar free Red Bull is in silver chrome and black cans….

  8. Joe
    At what point can any action be taken against these idiots, is there a code of conduct or are we all allowed to write fiction and publish as fact. (or is it informed opinion). Either way it stopped me reading most websites long ago, although I admit to getting this story this morning.
    Thanks for the reality check (and soon GP+ Reality Cheque).
    Keep the blog going, this year has been a tough one for us in the dark and the bottom feeders have done nothing to enhance the sport. You have kept me sane, well……………

    1. Not seen rhe Sainz stories. Ha! Who’d buy that? Did see McHonda pics though. If it was vaguely reliable that’s good news.

  9. There’s a noteworthy American political columnist/blogger who has a regular feature called “Here’s Some Stupid for Lunch.”

    It would appear that you’re just about there…

    1. Had to look that up! Seems correctly titled, given it’s in Esquire. Rolling Stone might be a better place for it, given what I saw.

      1. Well, Rolling Stone might well be a fitting place, especially as they are the only major periodical that has even tried to report actual fact-based truths about Wall Street having stolen most of everybody else’s money…

  10. Joe the story reminded me of a joke about the attributes of nations: McLaren is a company where the company is British, the drivers are Spanish, the Chief Engineer is Greek and (I gather) the Mechanics are Italian and the Manager is French. Was there anything I missed?

  11. It will b e interesting to see how the Honda engine goes in the Abu Dhabi test. If it runs well and powerfully will we see Toto Wolf change his mind about the engine freeze? No prizes for the obvious answer.

    1. Most of the “new ideas” for next years engines are in first stage testing. The lead time for changes to the engine hardware is much longer than for changes to the aero parts. Plus even if an idea works the implementation has to be proved to be very reliable before it is put into production.

  12. Yeah, that story cracked me up. And then so many “experts” copied it too…
    It’s sad for Carlos jr, but I get the imppression that his best chance of an F1 drive for 2015 is if three-car teams happen

    1. Three-car teams are not going to happen, were never going to happen and will probably never happen. It’s all bull.

      1. Well you keep saying that Joe, and Force India/Lotus keep saying they are ok financially, although Sauber are not saying they are or are not.
        Looking at it from the outside, unlike your position on the inside, one would have to think it highly likely that Force India & Sauber at least, won’t be there next year.
        In that case there would be only 14 cars on the grid at most. At that point, is anyone going to take F1 seriously anymore and continue to buy tickets/pay for tv or even watch for free?
        All the current seems to flowing to 3 car teams from what we all see and hear, so to say it can’t / won’t happen, doesn’t seem a strong argument?

      2. While you say the three car teams aren’t going to happen I can’t help feeling that the delay in driver signing announcement are down to this. Ferrari probably said ‘you can go unless three car teams happen’ and so would have Alonso/Vettel/Raikkonen. McLaren can’t move because if they dump JB and three car teams occur then they are short two world class drivers. One can be filled by di Resta but the other? I only rate Bianchi and Grosjean who aren’t tied down.

      3. Yep, that’s actually what I mean. Carlos’ chances don’t look very good, even though he basically did everything right this year. And yet, he’s slowly becoming the long-shot.
        Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy about Max’ meteoric rise. I did my my first article with him and Jos 3 years ago. But I feel for Carlos if he doesn’t make it. (Although there’s always 2016…)

    1. I am a significant shareholder but do not have control. If I did the website would change dramatically. I do not work with it any more. I am embarrassed by what they do, or don’t do.

  13. Hi Joe

    Completely unrelated, when will subscriptions for GP+ 2015 be available? I was hoping to gift it someone for Christmas.


  14. Hi Joe how much do you think the opportunity for Alonso to equal Senna’s 3 World Championships in a McLaren Honda might have influenced his decision to sign for the team?

  15. Joe, possibly not the thread to post this… but I am pretty horrified by Bernie’s comments on small teams and young fans. Red Bull was once a small team. And all the drivers seem to be young to me. Their fan base is not all oldies like myself but dedicated fathers and daughters, mothers and sons. Thank you Bernie for the vision and push to make F1 what it has been, but it is time to go. If some reports are to be believed, the sport would have 50% more money to share around if you were gone. And bear in mind, if it had been a different nation’s courts you had faced, even if you had settled out of court for millions you might well be now be nevertheless eating prison food.

    1. I’m lead to believe the food in German prisons is of higher standard than practically everything sold sold at to the general Public at a GP weekend

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