Bianchi back in France

Jules Bianchi has been flown home from Japan, seven weeks after his accident at Suzuka. He is now in the intensive care unit of the Centre Hospitalier Universitaire de Nice, in the south of France, where he is under the care of Professors Marc Raucoules and Professeur Carole Ichai, under the head of neurosurgery Professeur Philippe Paquis. According to the Bianchi Family, “Jules is no longer in the artificial coma in which he was placed shortly after the accident, however he is still unconscious. He is breathing unaided and his vital signs are stable, but his condition is still classified as critical.” The family says that the situation “continues to be serious, and may remain so” but that he was deemed to be sufficiently stable to be repatriated by air ambulance.

“We have nothing but praise for the outstanding care provided by the Mie Prefectural General Medical Center since the accident. We owe the medical staff there an enormous debt of gratitude for everything they have done for Jules, and also for our family, during what is a very difficult time for us. In particular, we would like to extend our thanks to Doctors Kamei and Yamamichi, and also to Mr Ogura, all part of the team of personnel caring for Jules in Japan.”

10 thoughts on “Bianchi back in France

  1. Excellent news, even if poor Jules, like Michael, still faces a very difficult time ahead. Best of luck to both of them. Makes you realise how the whole course of your life can change in one very unfortunate moment.

  2. In the drivers conference in Sochi, Adrian Sutil was being asked about the accident. In his second cset of comments, he said. “…the fatal accident…”. No one has addressed this comment that I have seen as of yet. I realize Jules is still physiologically alive but is there more there? Did he misspeak? It seems that with the nature of the impact and the compression of the brain tissue and further rapid deceleration trauma to the brain, it seems unlikely that Jules will ever be Jules or possibly even conscious again. Has anyone spoke on Sutil’s word choice or view?

    1. I would assume he misspoke, or it was a bit of a freudian slip and he may have thought that himself. We should also remember that English is not most drivers’ native language and sometimes they may say things without truly getting the gravity of the words involved.

  3. Good news for the families sake, but little more than that.

    While I hope for a full recovery over time this may be the Jules Bianchi as we know it moving forwards.

    Statistically to odds are very much against him.

  4. Keep fighting Jules, we are with you. Thoughts with family and thanks to medical staff.
    A tragic accident but hope remains high.
    Being back home in France can only be a good sign.

  5. Glad to hear that Jules now closer to family and friends, which at least must be a positive move. My thoughts are with Jules and his family. Keep fighting Jules!

  6. I agree John in SD. It is hard when someone has to be hospitalised, but especially hard when there are huge distances involved for their family. I’m glad is back in his home zone, and hope more of his kin get to see him now, maybe that will help his recovery. It is sad, but probably true, that he would appear unlikely to ever return as a race driver, and even having what we all know to be a normal life may well be beyond what he will ever reach again. But at least he is home…..

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