Hulkenberg to race at Le Mans… with whom?

Nico Hulkenberg has been named as one of the drivers who will race for Porsche at Spa and Le Mans in 2015. The team intends to field a third 919 Hybrid for two races in the 2015 FIA World Endurance Championship: the Spa event on May 2 and the Le Mans 24 Hours on June 13-14. There will also be the Le Mans test day on May 31 The current F1 calendar means that there will be no clashes between the events

“I’ve been a Porsche fan for a long time and have been watching their return to the LMP1 class closely.” said Hulkenberg. “The desire grew to drive that car at Le Mans. I am very pleased the 2015 Formula 1 calendar allows for it and I’m grateful to my Sahara Force India Formula 1 Team’s generosity to let me go for it. Now it’s up to me to work hard to satisfy both commitments.”

The names of the remaining drivers are yet to be announced but one name that may be on the list is Jenson Button. Button knows some of the Porsche crew very well, thanks to his BMW days with Williams back in 2000. At the time Fritz Enzinger, now Vice President of LMP1 at Porsche, was one of the BMW F1 engineers.

17 thoughts on “Hulkenberg to race at Le Mans… with whom?

  1. Good to see an F-1 driver who can turn his hand to other disciplines. Sadly this kind of crossover has been missing since the 1980s and the days of Bellof, Palmer and Brundle, just to name but three who would regularly mix F-1 and WEC on alternate weekends.

      1. Yes. That’s the downside. Upside is we may actually get to see one of those fabled ‘third’ or ‘reserve’ drivers doing a bit more then a merely cameo.

      1. Ha ha, funny. Joe – the problem with only knowing someone through the written word is that one doesn’t get a feel for all aspects of the writers personality as easily as one would face to face. At first I thought you were a grumpy so and so. But the more I read you blog and having heard you on a podcast, I’m thinking you’re quite a jolly chap, and put downs such as the one above are said with a smile on your face. Am I right?

        The blog is great, and the answer will make no difference to my enjoyment of it. So thank you sir! But I am curious, you journalism makes it clear you are your own man and it’s always nice to get an insight to the person behind the words.

        Anyway, thanks again for the great blog!

  2. Maybe Hulk, who is a very competent driver who could win races in the right car, has worked out that Force India might not be on the grid next year, or if they are, might not last the whole year, or they even might have to drop him and take some kid with a fat cheque during the year. That being the sort of possibilities available, then a works WEC drive with Porsche looks very attractive, especially as WEC is on the way up, whereas F1 is stagnant and looking likely to be on the way down…..

  3. I think another pertinent comment might also be that whilst it says a lot about the Hulk’s desire to race in different formulae, it also says allot the racing credo of Sahara Force India who allow him contractual space to cross over – whilst allot of column inches have been written on Vijay’s team, Vijay and the team are true racers, something McBullari would do well to recognise and replicate.

  4. Hope it’s one of the 911 GT drivers like Nick Tandy or Frederic Mackoweicki (and that JB is too busy developing MP4-30).

  5. Joe.
    I know you’re not keen on links but since you raise Le Mans perhaps you’ll permit me to share this clip of Mike Hawthorn driving a lap of the circuit with a camera mounted on his Jaguar (and a comically cumbersome microphone) filmed in 1956. Apologies if you’ve seen it already but I only just stumbled across it and thought it worth sharing. Presumably you don’t see guys on bicycles riding the circuit when race cars are lapping so much nowadays!

    1. Paulvinho – BIG thanks for this link, really brightened up my afternoon! Staggering to think of “unfortunately a Jag was so embedded in the sand bank that it had to be withdrawn” …

    2. A brilliant reminder that it was all on public roads. This lap very much with the public in situ.
      Also a reminder of the accent of the British ruling class, that was as I remember it as a boy.

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