Williams gets a Lotus sponsor

Lotus F1 sponsor Rexona, a deodorant brand manufactured by British-Dutch company Unilever, has decided to switch its funding from the Enstone team and will become a Williams F1 sponsor in 2015. The brand has been sponsoring Lotus since the beginning of 2012. The Rexona logo will appear on the sidepod, front wing and front wishbones of the Williams Mercedes FW37, as well as the team environment and apparel. Williams says that its Williams Advanced Engineering business will be “working with Unilever to provide support in the areas of sustainability and efficiency”.

23 thoughts on “Williams gets a Lotus sponsor

  1. Front wishbones? Does that mean Hatch is out? Or upgraded to another part of the car?

    Side note: I think it’s amazing that teams can sell space on suspension components. That’s hilarious.

  2. I wonder when Lotus will stop calling itself Lotus. I doubt the Lotus name opens doors any more upon mentioning, especially since there’s no connection between them and said car manufacturer, whereas Caterham who…

    …alright, I just stop there. This has been the most ludicrous sponsorship/business story in F1 for a very long time.

  3. Presumably a decent amount of money for the boys and girls in Grove then?

    Swap your somewhat **ahem** accident-prone driver for a wedged up sponsor, seems like a decent trade to me…..

  4. With WTI crude crashing below $70 /bbl, well below PDVSA’s breakeven, and Venezuela’s foreign reserves below $20 billion, I would suggest Lotus has far larger concerns than losing Rexona.

  5. Pleased to see Williams picking up new sponsors. Have you heard how Frank’s getting on Joe – it was supposed to be routine treatment?

  6. Hello Joe

    Perhaps this implies (?) that the Clear brand will remain at Lotus; its also from the Unilever stable.

    Sorry….off topic….but was just looking for news on the Ferrari site….clicking on the ‘F14T’ tab produces a most charming 4 minute film produced prior to the start of the season….we see the happy smiling faces of Luca Stefano Fernando and Kimi….in the modest voiceover we hear the line…..”the car is ready, call the president” …. and Luca arrives at the site in his lovely company car.

    Almost a tear to the eye.

    So much water has flowed beneath the bridge……

  7. The sidepod branding, EMC2, Lotus carried in AbDab, is that legitimate sponsorship or a reflection on what generally happens to their cars, whether it be Pastor motivated or not?

    1. Lotus have been quite successful at signing IT industry sponsors. In addition to EMC (a storage specialist), Lotus have been plugging Microsoft Dynamics CRM/ERP software.

      Dell backed Caterham in recent years which earned them some interesting stories in the tech press. Make your own jokes about SAP sponsoring McLaren.

  8. Joe & dear forum readers,

    Did anybody notice Lotus tie up with David Guetta in the new pop video “Dangerous ” with Romain Grosjean & David Guetta as the other Lotus driver… Hilarious!! It seems like Lotus are doing some serious creative marketing…!

  9. Dear Joe, all
    ‘Working with Unilever to provide support in the areas of sustainability & efficiency.’ Wow- straight out of ‘Motherhood Statements 101’. Can see it now- ‘New, improved Rexona Williams Edition deodorant’ featuring innovative, hi-tech spray nozzle, designed by the Williams Aerodynamics, using the Williams wind tunnel & CAD. And, the Rexona Martini Williams scent, modelled on the scent of Martini Vermouth (as it effects the breath the morning after a night before of 25 shots of Vermouth). The permutations are endless…….
    Or, perhaps, by. ‘Sustainability’ what is meant is the ability of Williams narketing staff to sustain a straight face whilst punching out utter bovine faecal matter…. Thus begins the f1 Silly Season!!!!:-)

    1. I know it sounds like nothing more than marketing BS, but companies have consulted with F1 teams on development and manufacturing efficiency.

      Not many industries take data from a weekend, analyse it, generate a concept to improve, test that concept (perhaps iteratively), and then manufacture it in time to be shipped to another country for field testing, all in roughly 11 days.

  10. Dear Joe, all
    On further reflection, maybe Unilever should have ‘shot for the moon’ and become a sponsor of F1 over all- nice synergy- making things that stink smell like roses??

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