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  1. “The right to petition the government without fear of retribution.” From the US constitution’s 1st amendment.

  2. Hmmmm,

    If this is an analogy of F1, does it mean
    1. the long pencil represents the glorious past,
    2. the regulators/owners/participants are about to break it beyond repair with their bickering and infighting, and
    3. two new series are born out of the old F1, one filled with various problems and the other a shadow of the former championship?

    Anyway, that’s my guess.

    1. one does wonder what planet some people live on…

      so eloquent, Joe, no words required for most of us, at any rate.

    2. I read about CharlieHebdo in the morning newspaper (Australian time zone) about ten hours before I read Joe’s ‘A quick round up’ posting, which arrived early evening here. I then moved straight on to the broken pencil illustration, which was the first time I’d seen it – I hadn’t looked at social media during the day; too busy with work. With car racing in mind, I made much the same interpretation Bluehm did.
      It isn’t about which planet you’re on, it’s about which time zone you’re in, the order in which information arrives and what’s at forefront of your thoughts at the moment.
      A little more charity wouldn’t go astray.

        1. I try, but it’s hopeless. It’s like being a goalie: no matter how many you stop, there’s always some that get through…

  3. The moment you declare a set of ideas to be immune from criticism, satire, derision, or contempt, freedom of thought becomes impossible – Salman Rushdie

  4. I truly hope the picture is showing what will happen, but I am afraid that what happened will instead lead to self censure and a silencing of the voices critical to fundamental buffons (of all kinds).

    Fingers crossed though!

      1. I think there is a chance that there will be satirists around Europe that will bog down to islamists, yes. Not “the west” as a whole entity, but on a individual scale.

        There are discussions here in Sweden now that we as europeans should avoid ridiculing “religous symbols” (read islam) to avoid things like this. Which to my mind are dangerously close to victim blaming similar to “girls who wear short skirts are asking to be raped”. I think this is outrageous, just so we are clear on that.

    1. Instead of their usual 60,000 copies, they’re going to print a million copies of their upcoming issue. Good for them.

      1. Change of plan: Instead of printing a million copies, now it’s gonna be 3 million… in 16 different languages…

      2. Oh, by the way… in what might one of the most galling (Gaul-ing?) displays of corporate cowardice ever, *none* of the American TV networks are willing to even show just the cover of the upcoming issue. It’s bad enough that nobody in the USian newspaper and magazine business has been willing to print the cartoon in a news context, but now TV won’t even show the new cover. (When they broadcast a video of a lady at Charlie’s HQ holding up the new issue’s cover during an interview, they *pixelated* it. I am not making this up.)

        Of course, the formal excuse is mumble-mumble about having admirably high standards about not insulting anybody’s religious sensibilities, but everybody knows they’re just being corporate chickensh*ts. Lawyers, risk managers, etc.

        Now, due to the not-so-fine tradition of corporate types joining in lockstep, I am 99.999% sure that exactly *none* of the distribution channels for periodicals will be willing to sell the upcoming issue in the US either. I live about 1200 miles from the one-horse non-corporate specialty shops in NYC, so no luck getting one that way. Bottom line: over here, in what is supposedly “the land of the free and home of the brave”, the cowardly corporations won’t even permit me to buy one.

        If anybody on the non-chickensh*t side of the Atlantic (or in Canada) can grab a copy in English and mail it to me, I’ll be more than happy to compensate you in whatever way you think is fair.

  5. And we are not even allowed to delay benefits for these people, we have just been told so by Germany; let alone deport them or interfere with their rights, which seem to far exceed those of the rest of us.

    1. to call the dead heroes and fly the flag low is all nice and well, but where does that leave the police in all of this? Surely they should have protected those people? And why are militant moslems tolerated in France?

    2. Not sure who you are referring to with ‘these people’ I’m pretty sure we are allowed to arrest suspected terrorists and put them in jail if proven guilty. I’m also I’m pretty sure the suspects in this won’t be thinking about their claiming their benefits…

      1. These people probably believe 99 virgins will wait for them in paradise as a reward for their actions in the name of God..

    3. Errr….which…’these people’ would that be then ? The highly qualified
      professionals who keep our health service, our top level scientific research, our public administration running so smoothly, who just happen to have a faith structure that is different from the one you adhere to ? The very use of the phrase ‘these people’ puts you into the framework of some very dark chapters in European history.

      And meanwhile, we F1 enthusiasts are, like the rest of decent humanity, appalled by the events in Paris and elsewhere. But we recognise fanatical
      violence for exactly what it is. A weapon aimed at the heart of our civilisation.
      And our fantastic sport is utterly dependent on the vastly tolerant civilisation
      we are fortunate enough to enjoy.

      With this stunning illustration of what a truly tolerant society must be like,
      Joe has lit a brilliant lamp in our F1 world.

  6. I have seen a few really great cartoons on social media today but this one was my favourite. Banksy again make very accessible and also very thought provoking art!

    1. +1 and the whole of civilized society on the planet. A Policewoman murdered, and a Council employee seriously injured, today in Paris, so I have just read. The papers and media are full of cartoon responses today, for yesterday’s events, and there are many astute and moving ones to be found all over the media.
      The worry is that there may well be a backlash across Europe, toward Muslims who in the majority, are intelligent, kindly and peaceful people just like any other religious group.
      How one destroys the minority who seek to inflict their perverted views on the majority of the world’s people, is a difficult one to fathom, but this form of fanatical behaviour must be quashed entirely somehow.
      We are not just Parisians today, we are French, we are Humanity and we are the Defenders of Freedom against Oppression, by a minority of people who have no sane default position, on being part of the Human Race.

      1. I’ve just come home from a few hours with my friends who are Bangladesh Londoner Muslims, and though none of us grabbed the full debate, as there’s a whole gap in understanding what Charlie Hebdo is, to various of us, and that includes me as to what it was versus what it recently has been, I first read it in school, all I can say is there’s a deep upset going on, across religions, at why any of this can ever be considered right, the emotion of trying to reach out to say a fundamental WFT was what permeated the evening. Passionate voices saying they don’t want any of this kind of crap going on. Too much unheard, those voices, but they were loud tonight.

  7. We can stand together all you want. We can light candles and stand shoulder to shoulder. We can show our support through FB and Twitter.

    But until something real is done, this will never stop.

    I keep arguing this to my peace loving friends. These radical islamists terrorist don’t care what color we are, they don’t care what background we have, they don’t care if we like car racing or not. They only care that we’re not one of them. They will do everything in their power unless we do something first.

    1. Well said Steve. Weep for our losses but save tears for future losses unless proactive measures are taken against Islamic radicals who hide amongst the millions of peace loving Muslims around the world.

      Easier said than done but it must happen.

    2. +1 Steve C. The West is firefighting with a piece of paper, because paper is the only tool/deterrent permitted by “Human Rights” lawyers.

  8. Long time reader, first time contributor. To all you young ones out there, the older you get the more you appreciate good journalism, honesty & passion. Hats off to Charlie Hebdo, they were the bravest of men. Thanks Joe for trying to make the sport we love better, and for being one of the very few real journalists still around

  9. Absolutely shocked by the events. I live in Oise (close to Chantilly), which means that the police is looking for the assassins close to home, which is certainly not comfortable at all when you have children at school. I’m happy to see CH will continue. They are / were very brave and their right of publishing whatever they want can’t be questioned.
    PS: It’s your blog, Joe, but it would be really nice if you coud edit the original post to credit Lucille Clerc as the artist.

    1. I have a house far closer to the action! At the other rdge of the forest… However the N2 cuts the forest in half and i doubt they will get across that on foot

      1. Yes, Joe, when the news was saying where the manhunt was going on I was thinking “Blimey, hope Joe’s battening down the hatches” — although I’d not checked on any maps. So am glad to hear what you said about the N2!

        May both you and Pedro Palva stay safe.

        1. Thanks, mate. All safe (for now) as the special forces did what they had to do.
          Can I come for tea and stories, Joe? You’re very welcome over here for a Brazilian barbecue.

  10. The only problem I see with the drawing at the top of this post is that if one continues the sequence, the next day (the day after tomorrow) there are likely to be four broken pencils.

    Albert Einstein is reputed to have said that to effectively solve a problem one has to think at a level above the level of thinking that caused the problem.

    In my opinion this situation is cause by polarised thinking. East / West, Left / Right, This Religion / That Religion……….

    I’m sad to say that I think this type of situation, and it is manifest all over the world in different guises, will not be solved until an adequate number of people start to think in terms of the whole of Humanity rather than Them and Us.

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