Token efforts

The Formula 1 engine manufacturers have agreed to get rid of engine tokens, as part of the plan to improve the show. The change will come in 2017, if all goes to plan. The system of tokens was introduced in an effort to stop manufacturers spending daft amounts of money on development, although it did not actually stop the spending but rather only what they were allowed to put on the cars. They could spend any sum of money they wanted to spend, but could not use all the knowledge at the same time. The theory behind the change is that with a limit on the number of engines and big penalties for using new versions, there is no need for the tokens any longer because the track penalties will do the same job. The hope is that the removal of the token system will give new manufacturers impetus to get involved. We will have to see if that happens…

13 thoughts on “Token efforts

  1. je suis certaine que Honda et renault ont dû dépenser beaucoup pour continuer l’année…sans pouvoir rien changer. Donc, c’est une excellente nouvelle et une bien meilleure image de la F1.

  2. If the intent on placing upper limits on how much the engine is offered to other teams for actually sees the light of day, that should offset the token restriction and in a more effective manner.

  3. The whole token scheme was half-baked at best… maybe they were in hurry, so they all voted “Aye” just to end the meeting and go home…

    Whatever the reason, they decided to do it without even bothering to make it look like they thought it through… it took everybody else about 5 minutes to realize it wouldn’t save a dime…

  4. Do you think engine manufacturers would plan a B spec revision or maybe even a C spec timed for when the previous power unit is used up and ready for a ‘free’ change?

    I’m not sure how far in advance they manufacture the supply for a given team and if that would be possible.

  5. Interesting! And if the V6 turbo compound formula is to provide any benefit to the future of motoring this could be a very forward looking decision.
    When is it likely to be formally announced and will it start from beginning of 2017 season?
    Maybe RBR could be in a good position to be selective when their short term agreement with Renault expires. Honda is a big improver if the tech junkie blogs are to be believed or VAG if the financial rumour mongers have any cred?

  6. Unfortunately though, the track penalties affect rich and poor alike, whilst the development tokens do put a brake on the effectiveness of the development of the rich teams.

    No mention of a cost cap then?

  7. Jo, does this mean that any & all parts of the power unit will be able to be upgraded as many times as the manufacturers see fit, both between seasons & during the season (subject to in-season track penalties relating to number of individual type of components being imposed)? If so, can a 100% new power unit be developed between seasons or introduced during a season (again, subject to in-season track penalties)?

    Also, if this proposal is to be adopted for 2017, what hurdles have the proposals yet to go through before adoption, & do you think this will succeed it gaining regulatory approval?

    Thanks for so many insightful posts.


  8. But, how about customer teams? A big blow for Williams if no new manufacturers coming into F1?
    1s disadvantage at their last PUs of a season?
    Would FIA and FOM do something? Any thoughts, Joe?

  9. So if you were Honda last year and these were the rules you build a one race engine, start at the back and try to make it to the points. Would have been a better result for the team than what they got! This at least opens up the opportunity for Honda and Renault to track test to reliability and power. Amazed Merc said yes.

    1. I suspect that Merc has some hidden bits taht they would not have been able to introduce with the current restrictions. I am tired of their domination, but they didn’t do it blindly.

      1. Perhaps, but the French have a saying: À vaincre sans péril, on triomphe sans gloire.

        Translation: To win without risk is to triumph without glory.

        i suspect MGP are keen for more competition. Dominating like they are can get boring even to themselves. I also suspect that, at least for Daimler-Benz’s board, it removes part of the ‘been there, done that’ aspect of F1, i.e. that they can pull out because they have nothing left to prove.

  10. So, if I understand correctly, from 2017 forward engines will only change between seasons and not during the season?

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