I have to say that I have always liked Malcolm Wilson, going back more years than I care to remember. He’s just a good bloke. Thus it was no surprise to see how he told his staff a little about the company’s WRC programme with the Ford Fiesta in 2017.

For those who don’t know about rallying, you simply need to know that Wilson had just signed the four-time World Rally Champion Sébastien Ogier, who had been left without a job next year when Volkswagen decided to axe its WRC team.

20 thoughts on “Class…

    1. But what a Ford Fiesta. The diffuser looks crazy and I can’t see it lasting a gravel rally, but in a world of BLAND GREY, it really looks like a race car and looks as horny as Group B used to.

      Let’s hope it just goes as well as it looks!

      1. The new rules have made WRC cars stand out. Till now I cared little for the WRC because its cars looked like mundane hatches. But now, I wanna watch it. Too bad VW isn’t there to show off its Polo WRC with diffusers, widened track and aerodynamic features…

  1. What an awesome guy, Malcolm Wilson, and what a great team! I’m in a conundrum however. I really, really dislike Ogier. He’s a whiner and I hate the type. So, I’m supposed to cheer for him, now that he’s at M-Sport? Don’t know what I’m gonna do truly

  2. Real motorsport legend.

    Just wish the current WRC cars got the juices flowing a bit more…Yaris v Polo doesn’t quite have the same draw as Impreza v Evo, but could be a vintage season.

  3. Ogier is the man! He was testing the Polo for Rally Sweden by our Below Zero Ice Driving camp in Sweden last year and came and did some skids in an old 911, shared a vid on Twitter. Excellent fun. All the WRC guys are good craic but Kubica is number 1 legend.

  4. No fan of Ogier from what I’ve seen personality wise – but that’s just from TV, so I really don’t know much. But I’d love to see M Sport attain some well deserved success. Hope they do well!

  5. Malcolm Wilson did it all the hard way and his way! Great respect for him and for his company and team! Terrific bloke in my view.
    Great to see this mentioned, as I sometimes feel the odd pang that Joe doesn’t venture out of F1, and I always remember his race reports back in the day on F3 and Touring Cars etc….and Globetrotter of course! Often wondered if he named that column after the trucks that were all over Europe and the UK then, with that moniker?
    Anyway fantastic news for the WRC, better cars, more teams and more chances of a decent title fight…..also I’d love to see a new Ford World Champion in the WRC as Ari Vatinen was the last one, with Dave Richards in 1981…..

  6. Aside from a few grey hairs, Malcolm Wilson looked the same as 30 years ago…

    But the garage where he made his presentation has changed. Motor sport employs so many more people.

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