Nico in Paris

Nico Rosberg spent today in Paris, visiting some of the city’s famous sites en route to the Canal+ studios, where he spent an hour doing a Rosberg Special with Canal+ consultant Jacques Villeneuve and other members of the Canal+ F1 team: Thomas Sénécal, Laurent Dupin and Margot Laffite. 

Nico did some selfies of himself and his trophy at the Arc de Triomphe and at the Eifel Tower and startled a few passers-by on the way.

In the show that followed Nico revealed that he partied in Abu Dhabi until 09.15 in the morning and says that he almost broke a rib in the process, but did not explain how. He said that hardest part of making the decision to retire was knowing what it would do to the team, but he said that they had been very understanding and that he is now “serene” about the situation. He doesn’t know what the team will do, but says that Valtteri Bottas and Pascal Wehrlein are both capable drivers. He doesn’t know what he’s going to do with his life, but hasn’t really had much time to think about it. Since Abu Dhabi he’s been travelling to a different country every day, doing promotional work and is looking forward to December 20 when he will stop. He says he is looking forward to Christmas when his mother will have to put up with two World Champions at the table…


49 thoughts on “Nico in Paris

  1. You can see all the pressure has lifted from him, and he’s much more fun than he had been the last few years, I’m happy for him to have won, achieved his goal, matched his father and now enjoy his family!

  2. I had heard that his contract for next year was $15M…or was it €15M? Either way, that’s a big carrot to walk away from.

  3. Give it two or three years and Nico will be back in the paddock as a commentator for German TV. Joe speaking of Jobs I think you should run to FIA president at some point . You’d be good at it. certainly no worse than Todt.

      1. Was there not a famous US President who took no salary but lived on expenses? I recall him quoted as saying that one must give absolute detail on inexpensive items such as a ball of string or paper clip but to gloss ove the larger items. I believe he did ok! (or was it Samuel Johnson?) Since the FIA is paying for Todt’s almost continual travel and entertaining he must do ok too. Of course he has a films star to fall back on!

    1. Somehow I don’t see him doing TV. Rosberg has some engineering background and apparently is interested in this sort of stuff. Maybe he can come back in some sort of advisory role with one of the teams…when and if he decides to come back to F1.

  4. I imagine it must feel tremendously liberating to achieve what you’ve been striving for your whole life and then just…stop. Stop and do whatever you feel like doing. Stop at the height of your powers, without having to worry about a champion’s hangover or what the next challenge is going to be.

    It wouldn’t surprise me if Nico doesn’t do much of anything, from our perspective. Keke had no difficulty staying away from the sport after retiring and I can see Nico making some investments, getting involved with businesses and generally enjoying a favourable work/life balance.

  5. ‘…..a different country every day doing promotional work.”

    Can we assume he is promoting on behalf of Mercedes? I guess they need to reap the benefit of his fame before his 15 minutes is up. By mid season 17 many will be saying “Nico who?”

  6. Sorry if you’ve already commented on this Joe, but what do you think Lewis makes of Rosberg’s decison to retire?

    Wonder if he feels cheated – can imagine him wanting to win the title back and having the opportunity to put Nico in his place, and now he won’t get that chance. Or do you think he simply won’t care? I’m asking your opinion of somebody’s opinion, so understand if you don’t want to guess, but obviously you’ve got a better understanding of Lewis the man rather than Lewis the public persona.

      1. I agree with this. Hamilton is all about winning races and titles. However, by comparison, Rosberg is about beating Hamilton. Having done that, he can retire. Very different perspectives…

        1. Great point. Except Nico didn’t beat Hamilton. The “team” beat Hamilton. Nico knows this. In an honest head-to-head defense of the title, Nico had to know he would second Hamilton. His decision is entirely predictable and understandable.

          1. And Lewis beat Nico in what car/team? Had Lewis been in a Mclaren Honda these last 3 seasons, then Nico would have got 3 titles more or less as a certainty. The car now dominates over the driver. F1 has been heading this way all century, and it is a bad path to follow.

  7. Nice guy & will hopefully be remembered as such. Does it really matter about how many titles you win – ask Stirling Moss or Chris Amon, I believe that both will be better remembered than some with more titles. Similarly I will always remember the gracious way both Massa & his father ‘won’ & then lost the Championship in about 1 minute.

  8. To quote Kelly McNish

    “…I love my husband dearly but if he was home full time from the age of 31 then one of us would be doing time by now…”

  9. I have to say I am a big Lewis fan but there is a part of me that is really pleased for Rosberg, he’s a worthy champion.
    On a different note, I wish someone would tell that jealous bigot Jackie Stewart to stop making a fool of himself with his bias and ilinformed views on Lewis’s racing behaviour. The though of Lewis winning a fourth world title has got his tartan all in twist..

    1. That is a very different note indeed…

      Stewart is a man who lived through and won his three titles in one of the most dangerous eras of the sport, losing many friends and colleagues in the process. That clearly has had an effect on the style of racing he prefers. He then went on to transform the safety of motor racing – everyone involved in the sport owes much to his efforts.

      Alongside his son, he provided a learning ground and also supported the careers of a whole line of succesful racing drivers and propelled his own Formula One team to top of the podium in 1999 – a team which has gone on to become the mighty Red Bull Racing team based in Milton Keynes.

      Stewart has also endured personal dificulties, with his son’s cancer diagnosis and wife’s recent illness.

      How on earth you perceive that after all this he is somehow ‘illinformed’ and making a fool of himself and is somehow only obsessed with derailing Hamilton, god only knows.

      Hamilton would do very well to create a legacy similar to this man.

      1. Spot on frabruce! Of all the great drivers in motor racing, JYS remains, 43 years after his retirement, one of the greatest of all time in any category of the sport.

  10. This weekend I had a great family party with the kids and their cousins, then went out for the night with the wife.

    Monday morning I was dragging my sorry ass out of bed, trying to adjust my mindset to going back to work and I thought “Nico will never have to do this again”. It made sense.

  11. He does come across as very comfortable in his own skin right now – and why not! He’s young, healthy, wealthy and has a beautiful family. To paraphrase the old gag he must wake up, look in the mirror and and ask himself: “Nico, where did it all go wrong?”

    I tip my hat to the guy. he’s walked away from what must be a massive payday. Enough in just one year to transform the life of an average person beyond all recognition. Of course that’s a much easier thing to when you’re already sitting on a fat pile – which he must be with his on and off the track earnings over the past ten years (plus Monaco ‘tax rate’). Nonetheless it does show an admirable set of priorities which not everyone possesses.

    I’m sure some in the Mercedes team are smarting right now like Niki Lauda but what would be the point in staying if his heart was no longer in it. An under motivated driver is no sort of racing driver at all. We’ve seen it with many greats right at the end of their careers. It is SUCH a tough sport that unless you’re giving it 100% in every aspect of your life it will be immediately visible on track. Not even the very best can bluff it. Despite his denials it was obvious that Lewis was dialing in his performances a bit after winning his 3rd title and Nico made mincemeat of him in those last few races. If Nico knew deep down that he wasn’t going to be able to give it his all this season then he did right by the team by retiring.

    Joe mentioned that insiders and even drivers sometimes read this blog so if you’re reading this Nico, congratulations on an amazing season Champ. You wont remember me but we spoke briefly in a lounge at Barcelona airport a few years ago and you were an absolute gentleman, taking time to answer my questions and sign a couple of pieces of memorabilia. Best wishes for the future and.I’m sure you’ll be incredibly successful at whatever you turn your hand to.

    1. Well said. Nico Rosbergs name is at the top where it belongs this season. Kept his head down and done what needed to be done to win. Proof that hard work.application and right mindset delivers.

  12. Paulvinho, you made a good point saying that if a Driver’s heart is not fully committed to the Sport, it is time to move on… That is my sediment regarding Jenson Button, and all the people saying he should race 1 more year…I truly believe that he lost that 100% feeling it takes to compete. Time to rest.

  13. Would love to have been there to shake his hand and congratulate him on a job well done. (And that’s from a Lewis supporter……)

  14. Understandable decision from Nico considering he’s just become a dad, probably just wants a few years to chill out with his family. Best way to retire too with world championship trophy in hand.

  15. I wonder if being team-mates with Michael Schumacher for three years and then seeing him unable to enjoy the proceeds of his career was a factor in Nico’s decision.

    1. I took a different lesson from Michael’s first retirement – being that don’t retire whilst you still enjoy what you do. You have a long time in retirement!

  16. It’s obvious from Nico’s demeanour and body language that mentally and physically, he’s in a very good place right now, he knows he’s made the right decision for himself, and at the end of the day that’s all that matters.

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