The new Williams

The chase to get as much coverage as possible has led Williams to leak some pictures of its new car, before the official launch next week.  In terms of sponsorship and livery there seems to be very little change.

C42idNWWMAEtVUh.jpgScreen Shot 2017-02-17 at 10.41.27.png

49 thoughts on “The new Williams

  1. Nice and recognisable livery. In the top picture, the opening In the bodywork in between the front wheels, that must be a huge s-duct for it to be this visible.

    1. Are we looking a the same pic? There is just blackness between the front wheels. Ok if you have access to a Cray then maybe you can see it but on my cheapo laptop with things enhanced and using edge detect I can only just see what might possibly be a big rectangular inlet. The vid on JA’s page is no help at all.

      1. I think they’re referring to the exit. Good luck with seeing the inlet in those photos.

        As an aside:
        I think (I’m not a computer expert) the fairly standard laptop on which I’m typing this has roughly the same processing power as an early ’90s Cray. I used to submit batch job CFD requests to one of those. Big difference is that this much smaller, cheaper and I don’t have to share it with anyone.

        Such is progress. 🙂

        1. I know this is totally off-topic, but actually if you google “processing power cray” and select the first hit (to experts-exchange) there is a very nice comparison of processing powers then and now.

          1 1985 Cray-2 supercopmputer = 1 Apple iPhone 4

    1. Arent they always though thesedays for launches ? unless its a radical re-design,the likes of which we havent seen for a while, its designed to show this years sponsors livery off and thats it, just to stop any of the rival teams spotting any clever design element advantages they think they have till its too late for them to test their own copies. The real car wont be seen till the test day and on track only it will be hidden in the garages off track as per normal, and the real front wing/aero packs wont be seen properly till first practice Melbourne.

  2. Hi Joe, with Lances’ father paying millions to Williams F1 for his seat, why wouldn’t he make sure to have him company logos on the car as a condition for his massive spend?

  3. Ridiculously large and complex front wing. The FIA have got it wrong here. They will easily be damaged and cause damage plus make it hard to follow another car closely. This will hardly spice up the racing.

  4. Looks neat. Maybe it will go faster and perform better than last year’s car.
    All the best Williams. Hopefully they’ll get someone better than the aging Massa next year. But Martini need their driver to drink a Dry one.

  5. Um… not much different than last year’s car. This is supposed to get the fans excited? Oh, I forgot, its 5 seconds a lap faster….

    I can remember a time when the tea-tray March, the walrus-nosed Williams or the Ferrari ‘snowplow’ were unveiled. The rules back them allowed for truly radical and different thinking and designs. Wind tunnels and rules strictures have now ruled such visual delights

  6. By being so coy with their photos, Williams have made the car look superficially rather similar to their 2016 car. We don’t really get the impression of the extra track and wider wheels. You have to peer very carefully to see the differences to the front and rear wings. The horrible “Chad – Wot no bananas?” nose, does the visual impact few favours.

  7. The body curvature behind the driver looks stunning. A piece of art. I hope it actually looks like that and we’re not seeing some Photoshop magic.

  8. So the new regs were’ intended to make the cars look visually more aggressive’

    doesn’t look much different to last years car to me – I was hoping for something vastly different… #disappointed……

  9. Just wish there was more going on side of the nose and front chassis, the way the stripes go thin on top of the nose doesn’t do it for me.

  10. The way the photos are angled make it impossible to tell the cars are wider. Hopefully it’s just the angles here and that the cars will look better when we see them for real. Apart form the wings and those scoop things around the sidepods the main body looks almost identical to last years car.

    I have to say this is the most pessimistic I’ve ever felt ahead of a new F1 season. Normally at this time of year I’m missing my favourite sport terribly and can’t wait for the first race but this year I have a horrible feeling that super high downforce, no sound and no overtaking is going to lead to a series of very dull races and I just can’t muster up my usual excitement. I hope to God I’m wrong and come Melbourne all will be well.

    1. The difference weight of tyres from 2016 to 2017 is (max) +6kg (average depending on type compound) which means the minimum weight of car for 2017 will be 728kg.
      2017 tyres sizes, front=305-670-13, +60mm wider and +0.8kg heavier. rear=405-670-13, +80mm wider and +2kg heavier.
      The 2017 car will have over 200kg of extra down force.

  11. Hmmm. I’m a little underwhelmed. I’ll still be watching the races but I don’t think cars are going to make casual viewers more motivated to tune in.

    I still don’t understand, with all the computing power and design boffins available, why they could not come up with a set of regs to improve the chances of better racing. I hope to be proven wrong.

  12. Looks like a monster of a car to me, in a good way. Nice to see the rear wing back to a sensible height and some lovely fat tyres!

      1. It’s just a computer generated render of a generic car that may resemble the Williams FW40 when the simple version of the FW40 actually roars to life at the test on the 27th with two dozen mechanics shadowing the bits that no one needs to see so they distract from the bits that count, well maybe or maybe not. Pretty much the same stuff we’ve seen from the RedBull**** team, hey look over there!, where? The real question is “What aren’t they blocking?

  13. the regulation writers still cant seem to get rid of the ugly knob at the tip of the nose. why cant they word it so that the vertical attachment to the wing must be placed flush with the tip.

  14. If Williams want actual coverage, why not have a real launch event? Don’t see how static pictures or launching at an empty test track is supposed to create any buzz

    1. right now it’s the top story on every f1 site. i guess that’s what they’re going for. remember, the success of these things is not calculated on actual human reaction, but clicks and views. so in that sense it’s most likely doing what they wanted for very little work.

  15. Do people really take these online “reveals” all that serious? I always take them with a grain of salt, assuming that they’re most likely simply highly refined and digitized versions of an early concept plan. Not going to reveal too much at this point to one’s enemies. I put much more weight into the first test car, but even then, they’re still working on a lot of concepts and previous year “b-spec” parts before really running in anger at the first race.

  16. Wow, the front wing is a lot more pointy and arrow shaped than I was expecting. Is this a trend we can expect across the board? Or is it a specific front wing that will only get used at a couple of circuits?

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