21 thoughts on “Talking of F1…

  1. Please can we have more appearances on the PodCast? It was extremely funny!! Who knew Lemsip was so powerful 🙂

    Loving the daily blogs on F1 Fascinating facts. Keep up the great work Joe

    To all have a great Christmas and New Year

  2. Great podcast as always.
    I think the only thing is disagree with was your Pony award nominee. Vettel isn’t great sometimes but I’d nominate Christian Horner ahead of him and even more so the Ferrari F1 empire which seems to have a culture of petulance right from the very top of management.

  3. Joe, I am loving your appearances on Missed Apex. (Mike, there have been about 11 so far according to my podcast player)

    At the end of every Audience it seems that there are still more stories untold, but even allowing for that the interesting stories cupboard seems infinite!

    Thanks for bringing ‘Spanners’ and the rest to the attention of your fan base, and looking forward to the next one.

    Right, off the renew for 2018 to fund the next round of stories, and hoping to attend the Audience at Silverstone-time as my work Christmas party meant this was another one I had to miss.

  4. The podcasts are marvelous. So much better now than at their former location. The most recent one made me feel like I was sitting in a pub with a couple of friends shooting the breeze on whatever came up. Some good laughs, opinions and information…can’t wait for the next one!

    1. Yes, this was the vibe I had to, and overall I also enjoyed listening to it. A chat in the pub and discussion on what came up. Joe imparting little bits of wisdom from his F1 experience here and there.

      All the same, this being my first listen I was a bit surprised there wasn’t a lot of in-depth F1 chatter, save for the discussion about Daniel Ricciardo leaving Red Bull, which led to an interesting debate about intra-team rivalries. Although in fairness we are in the off-season right now.

  5. That was the best one yet. I was sitting on a train listening and laughing like some kind of crazy idiot.

    Thanks Joe and Spanners.

  6. Great podcast again Joe, thank you for your time (and Spanners, obviously!)

    I’d be interested to know how people manage to get photo accreditation nowadays, they can’t all be agency guys at the circuit?

    I’ve been amazed at what some of the people between the crash fencing are using, gear wise, at some races (one person using a compact in Canada!) but are wearing the correct tabbards…

    Have a great Christmas!

  7. Lovely to hear about F1 News. As a regular reader in 94-95 it turned me from a casual to a hardcore fan. I remember one of the funny photo captions it took me years to get the joke of. David brabham is showing princess Di around a simtek and saying “no ma’am, ‘low dash it’ is a technical term relating to suspension settings”…

  8. Best podcast so far, the relationship between you is really working, good to hear that there could be one more in 2017.

    My only issue is you associating Jan Marlborough’s lack of real word, versus e-world, experience for the Nurburgring incident in which sad people died. Jan had amassed plenty of real world racing experience and also the people who perished where standing in an excluded area as the potential to be dangerous was well known. Also it was recognised that the cars were too fast for that and other sections of the Nordschliefe as evidenced by the speed restrictions until the circuit was reprofiled.

  9. Just listened to the start of the podcast. I believe you were referencing me, when talking about the person in the front row that may be under 30 at your London Live event. Sadly I am not, I turned 35 this year.
    It did amaze me that the average age of the audience was so high.
    As you mentioned we need to get kids involved in F1 at a younger age, hopefully Liberty have some ideas and plans on how to do so.

    It was a great night at the London event. I am looking forward to the next. Do you have any idea on when that is likely to be?


  10. Great podcast, looking forward to many more, the two way chat makes for a good presentation. Totally agree with the “award” to Seb V, he has reverted to childhood petulism this year. One thing arising of interest, you mentioned lecturing at Cranfield – may we know what is your subject, or does it vary? Is it motorsport history, journalism, FI, pertinent to motorsport engineering, or what? Thanks.

  11. Good podcast, I enjoyed that- but you hardly let poor Spanners get a word in LOL!

    I thought it was a good point on “how many guys in the world can actually drive these cars at top level?” And as you say, many more than most think. We all say in F1 the top 20 (or 22, 24 or 26) drivers in the world line up on the grid…………. but it isn’t so is it!!

    And if to be fair, since Formula One started back in 1950 it probably never has been.

    Joe- do you have any word on Sergey Sirotkin now favourite for the Williams drive?

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