Ilott and Schumacher to run FP1 in Germany

Callum Ilott has been a championship contender all season in Formula 2, but his efforts have been overshadowed by the hype that surrounds Mick Schumacher and by the fact that other drivers in the series are members of F1 junior teams. Ilott is a Ferrari Academy driver but there are no fewer than four of them in Formula 2 this year, including Schumacher and the impressive Russian Robert Shwartzman, who has done particularly well in his debut season in Formula 2. There is also Yuki Tsonoda, the Honda protege, who looks likely to end up with Scuderia AlphaTauri in 2021. Ilott will make his FP1 debut in Formula 1 when he drives the VF-20 for Haas F1 Team during the opening practice session of the Eifel Grand Prix – at the Nürburgring, Germany on October 9.

The British driver will be behind the wheel of a Formula 1 car this week courtesy of Scuderia Ferrari when he joins Schumacher and Robert Shwartzman tomorrow to test an SF71H car from 2018 at the Fiorano Circuit. Ilott previously sampled Formula 1 machinery last year at the in-season Barcelona test driving the Ferrari-powered Alfa Romeo C38.

Mick Schumacher will make his debut in an official F1 race weekend session when he will take the wheel of Antonio Giovinazzi’s C39 in Germany.

“I am overjoyed to get this chance in free practice,” he said. “The fact that my first participation in a Formula 1 weekend will take place in front of my home audience at the Nürburgring makes this moment even more special.”

For Ilott is also a big chance.

“It’s a real privilege to get my first run in a free practice session, especially to do it with Haas F1 Team,” he said. “It’s amazing to have this chance at a track that is one of my favorites – it was where I scored the first podium of my career back in 2015. The Nürburgring means a lot to me and is a track with a real heritage, so it’s great that I’ll have my first outing at a Formula 1 race weekend there. It should be really fun and exciting. I plan to make the most of it, I’m definitely looking forward to it.”

4 thoughts on “Ilott and Schumacher to run FP1 in Germany

  1. Hass should take Perez and Illott for the next 2 years. Experience and youth, good combo.
    They have stayed with Magnussen and Grosjean for too long in my opinion.

  2. Schumi has been so impressive this year, outshining all other Ferrari juniors. Shwartzman started off great, but has disappointed in recent weeks. Isn’t Alesi also a Ferrari junior? He’s been nowhere.

    1. I think Shwartzman has been more impressive and less fortunate. And Ilott is probably quicker as well. Still, Schumacher has been consistent and so leads the championship.

      1. Agree Joe. Ilott is the quickest of the FDA boys but has just not been able to stitch together the whole weekend in recent rounds. I still think he can win it if he can regroup.

        Schu has come on leaps and bounds but i do worry he just isn’t quick enough overall.

        Shwaartzman will do another year with Prema surely?

        I saw a link that Mazepin is in the frame for one of the Hass seats. Hmmm, not convinced he would be ready for F1 (if ever) but he would bring a lot of backing.

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