The F1 entry list for 2021

The FIA has published the official entry list for the 2021 Formula 1 World Championship, with a few points of note. The entry lists 18 of the 20 drivers with the only gaps being the second Red Bull and the second AlphaTauri, which means that Mercedes has entered Lewis Hamilton, even if there has yet to confirmation of a new contract. Of the rest, it is worth noting the numbers for the new boys with Fernando Alonso (14), Nikita Mazepin (9) and Mick Schumacher (47). It is anticipated that Scuderia Alpha Tauri will nominate Yuki Tsunoda in place of Daniil Kvyat at some point. In reality the driver nominations are not that important as they can be altered up until the Thursday before the first race next year.

In terms of the entries, nothing has changed with Renault Sport Racing Limited remaining on the list although the team name will be “Alpine F1 Team”. Racing Point will officially be known as Aston Martin BWT F1 Team, which confirms that the BWT sponsorship will continue. The chassis names are similarly as expected with Alpine and Aston Marton replacing Renault and Racing Point and there is no change with the engines.

The full list is as follows:

21 thoughts on “The F1 entry list for 2021

  1. Well sorry to go off topic and no doubt you are investigating.
    The stepping down of Ferrari’s CEO and possible replacement by Mike Manley of FCA, will this have any effect upon Ferrari’s racing activities? One could say that at this time that the cost cap will probably save Ferrari more money than anyone else, but make the engineering and admin a lot more difficult. That is if the cost cap can be enforced.

  2. Some might think it a pity that Hamilton’s illness did not last a few more days and allow George another go. He certainly either proved that he is very good, or that those who say it is the car not the driver were correct. Had not the team had a failure of communication, it seems quite possible that George would have won even though he did not fit in the car properly and was wearing smaller shoes. than his size.

  3. Hi Joe, love your work.

    Quick question, can the teams change the name of the chassis and not loose their entitlements or is it the company that can’t be changed.

  4. Hi Joe,
    Is Hass being paid to take M Schumacher on for 2021 or having a discount on the engine supply? I just can’t work out that deal. The other driver Dad will be paying millions of £ for his son to race which is very straight forward to understand.
    Great season as ever and looking forward to signing up for 2021!
    Derek 👍

  5. Joe, please forgive the holes in what passes for my brain but who owns Sauber now? I know it’s not Alfa Romeo but is it still Secret Squirrell from Sweden or has it changed again? Does Peter Sauber have any connection remaining at all? Thanks.

  6. Blimey. We haven’t turned a wheel yet and Williams are already at the bottom of the pile! What a sad state of affairs.

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