3 thoughts on “GP+ is ready

  1. I imagine this season has been a pain in the nose, throat and the neck but I want to thank you for getting to all the races and for producing GP+ which I always look forward to. Here’s hoping 2021 gives you better access and the odd exclusive. Another renewal subscription is on its way.

  2. Joe, Thank you for all you hard work and entertainment in 2020. I know it not been the easiest of seasons (slight understatement) though the on track action has been right up there with the best of years. So congratulations should be given to all within F1.

    Let’s hope 2021 requires a lot less Covid-19 tests and that the world returns to a more normal place over the course of the year. I just signed up for Grand Prix+ 2021.

    Have a relaxing close season and as it nearly here, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you.

  3. Thank you Joe for your fantastic work and efforts this season!

    We are very thankful for your dedication and stamina to attend all the races despite the constraints, to provide as usual great content here and in the GP+ magazine with DT and Peter; We’re also very happy to see your GP streak unbroken!

    Let’s hope that next year F1 will be more grateful for the value of your work and that of the written media and will allow you more access to the paddock. This must have been one of the most frustrating years for you!

    Enjoy the break!

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