Time for a break…

It’s been an extraordinary year. The sport fought on and provided some respite and entertainment for the beleaguered world. Perhaps this Christmas will not be as merry as we would like it to be, but we can hope that the New Year will bring happier times.

There was no summer break in 2020 and a frantic calendar for the last six months, so I am shutting down the blog for the holidays. I’ll be back when news starts to flow…

41 thoughts on “Time for a break…

  1. Thanks for all your efforts this year.
    Going from being locked out in Melbourne, it has been good to following along with your travels.
    Take care and have a good break.

  2. Have a well earned break Joe. Thanks to you and all involved in the sport that we love for achieving something remarkable in keeping the wheels turning this year.

  3. Thank you for another year of incisive and insightful glimpses into the world of Grand Prix racing. I wish you and your loved ones a restful, safe and happy Christmas!

  4. Have a great time over the holidays Joe. Lots to write about next year and hopefully, I’ll be here to read it, CovidNT permitting.

  5. Thanks for your efforts to keepGP+ going despite all the difficulties brought on by the pandemic. It was greatly appreciated.

  6. Enjoy your time off and make sure it is truly a rest !

    Best wishes, and we all look forward to your first post in the (hopefully, improving) New Year.

  7. Thank you for your diligent work. Hard to be a small cog in a big wheel in such times, but you’ve managed brilliantly.

    Many thanks from a smaller cog!

  8. So many have said it already, but I have to stick my oar in. Have a great break, Joe. We look forward eagerly to the content you bring in 2021.

  9. Have a nice break, Joe, another well deserved one.
    Thank you very much for “holding the fort” of independent journalism onsite Grand Prix races !
    Cheer s

  10. I don’t usually send Christmas messages to people I don’t know personally but, Joe, your work and commitment throughout this unprecedentedly challenging period has been incredible. You have not only reported F1 but epitomised its mind set, unequivocally earning the best Christmas circumstances will allow (and better, or course) and I wish you and yours every joy.

    And while I’m about it, thanks again for reactivating the proper JoeblogsF1 website.

  11. Enjoy the holidays Joe! In a year where we can not travel and most of us is working out of the living room. Your travel blog posts were an enjoyable read, which allowed one to dream away to interesting adventures and to turn on a small light of hope, that one day, we will again be able to see the world and interact with all the wonderful people in it!

  12. Merry Christmas Joe. Thanks for your blog and the GP+ magazine – this was my first year as a subscriber and I have loved it.

  13. Have a good break, many thanks for your continuing correspondence and will look forward to the blog next year. Will also re-subscribe to GP+ although not too hopeful for a swift return to regular F1!

  14. I have been impressed by all of the major series around the world. The desire to still host meaningful seasons, yet keep people safe, has been an amazing accomplishment. Really surprised that things turned out so well given the number of series, venues, countries and people that were involved. I hope that people will file this information away so that if it is ever needed in the future (God forbid!) that it will serve as a good starting point…

  15. In addition to the action during race weekends, I’ll miss two things about F1 during the season break:

    1. Whatever Joe writes, pretty much regardless of what it’s about;

    2. Listening to Renault’s Cyril get interviewed. That’s how I test my ability to mentally focus. Here’s my method: I simply see how many seconds I can decipher his impressive mastery of English (both grammar and vocabulary) before it blurs into a long string of seemingly random syllables with no discernible words.

    To date, my personal best is ~12 seconds.

  16. Thank you for your extraordinary efforts this season Joe. GP+ and your travel blogs were outstanding. Happy Christmas to you and yours and a better 2021 for us all

  17. Joe
    I’d always wanted to attend one of your ‘Audience with’ in my home city of London but I never quite managed it – living as I now do in the North East UK (David Tremayne country I think?!). However, Covid has changed that and I was able to attend several of the virtual events which I really enjoyed. They certainly added to my enjoyment of a really exciting season and I was especially impressed – but not surprised- with your candour during the two hour sessions. I really hope they continue in 2021. I will be signing up for GP+ as my Christmas treat tonight. Wishing you and yours all the best and a well-earned rest.

  18. Have a great Christmas Joe, and thanks for all your efforts this year in bringing the sport to us. Loving the choice of wind power as your source of renewing.

  19. Joe, Thank you for all your extraordinary efforts this year in bringing us the Circus news and stories. Excellent work, highly valued. Have a good, safe and restful family Xmas and New Year. NK

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