Brivio joins Alpine F1

Alpine F1 Team has confirmed that Davide Brivio will join the team as Racing Director

His specific role and responsibilities will be announced in the coming weeks.

He will report to the Alpine CEO Laurent Rossi.

Davide joins Alpine F1 Team with a wealth of experience and success following more than 20 years in the MotoGP World Championship, most recently sealing the World Championship crown for rider Joan Mir, and the Teams’ Championship title for his former team.

21 thoughts on “Brivio joins Alpine F1

    1. the team members have all the F1 experience they need, Davide has the experience of motivating the team & people, organising them,working within small budgets,handling the media superbly, doing deals, dealing with myriads of suppliers,sponsors & talent egos in a competive environment and most importantly delivering the wins & success, he’s got all the experience he needs to work in F1.

      and I bet many F1 teams are kicking themselves for not having thought of hiring him themselves first. Alpine(Renault) have made a real coup of a signing him there IMO

    2. A new persepctive, building on the skills of the staff whilst at the smae time encouraging an environment where the norms are challenged. I rate it as a good move but what do I know eh 😉

    3. I seem to recall Jean Todt having no F1 experience, but being quite successful at Ferrari. Even if he was as unsporting at Maranello as he was in the middle of a desert.

  1. Hi Joe,
    Any truth in Rich Energy making a come back as a F1 sponsor?
    They are all over social media claiming to be.
    Did they actually pay Hass for breach of contract?
    Hope all is well :).

  2. Although you can never be sure its quite funny F1 experts of the internet seem to think all Renaults F1 plans are toast because of the sudden departure of Cyril.
    Its like Renault F1 employees all turn up at work every day and wait for the boss to tell them what to do lol.
    As for Brivio he seems to have jumped for a bigger job on the back of Suzuki’s unlikely Motogp success.
    As much a one off as Brawns F1 effort and I bet he knew it.

    1. He has a very strong record of past success, and not just a one off last season. Do some digging, he was team manger at Yamaha when Rossi was taken from Honda. He’s very well respected, and has the results to back it up. I like his style, he doesn’t sound off in public that he’ll do this and that, he just gets on with it and the results are there.

  3. This should be a good appointment. Whilst I know little about 2 wheeled machinery, I should certainly have terminated my existence had I been an enthusiast, I have followed MotoGP during the last few years. Brivio has resurrected Suzuki during the same timescale. They were very competitive last season and in the absence of Marquez this season, who is one of the all time greats, they won the WRC.
    A new broom is often successful and Renault/Alpine appear to have re-organised substantially and hopefully well.
    Wish him and them good fortune.

  4. 30 years after Flavio Briatore people still ask the same questions about the absolute need for prior experience. The boss manages people and budgets. People who have to be super capable in their capacities. He doesn’t need to know how to play all instruments in an orchestra to be a good conductor.
    I truly hope Brivio does well. When Mercedes pulls out of F1, we will need McLaren and Alpine to front Red Bull.

  5. Renault using F1 to promote a tiny brand ‘Alpine’ that is becoming electric, makes little sense. Can only be an interim step to ‘something else’.

    1. Similarly Aston Martin. I won’t be surprised to see them become “electrified”. Really makes you think Liberty might have to bend toward e-cars themselves.

  6. Only time will tell if Brivio can bring the same success with Suzuki and his experience at MotoGP. But it’s all about managing people & resources. Alpine have Alonso this year who brings an awful lot of talent as well as baggage in how he rubs people up the wrong way. Ocon will definitely not win the battle with Alonso and I fear he will not be at Alpine next year, he’s hardly set the world on fire with his performances last year. Ocon will have to up his game this year but with Alonso there I don’t see it happening.

    1. Ocon has shown zero apart from being broadly competent. Never understood the hype, he could compete with Perez on a good day, got humped by Ricciardo. I expect Alonso to destroy him, and that’ll be him done.

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