The new McLaren MCL35M

McLaren Racing has given a first glimpse of the McLaren MCL35M, the team’s 2021 race car. The MCL35M is an evolution of the 2020 contender, the MCL35, and benefits from aerodynamic and chassis developments by the team throughout the winter. Alongside these developments comes the introduction of a new power unit, supplied by Mercedes-AMG. The Mercedes-AMG M12 E Performance was integrated into the design of the MCL35M by McLaren with the support of Mercedes High Performance Powertrains and represents one of several key changes to the car as part of its evolution into the MCL35M.

“We’re thrilled to launch our 2021 team with Lando and Daniel, as we prepare to get the Formula 1 season started,” said team boss Zak Brown. “We’ve got an incredibly exciting driver line-up this year, both are formidable racers on-track and great characters off-track. Lando is a naturally fast and intelligent racer on an exciting trajectory, while Daniel is a multiple grand prix winner with a sharp racer’s edge and exceptional talent. After a challenging but rewarding 2020, we have firmly hit the reset button for this season as we continue on our path towards the front of the grid. This will be an even tougher season but we’re ready to meet the challenge.

“We head into this season with an incredible group of committed and valuable partners at our side, who are such a vital part of our team. 2020 represented a significant challenge, not just for McLaren Racing but also many of our partners, so to have maintained their support is a testament to the quality of our partners and the relationships we have formed on our journey together.”

The Technical Director James Key says that the car is quite different to the 2020 car.

“Despite relatively stable technical regulations from 2020, there are several significant aerodynamic changes to the rules that are important to get right,” he explains. “Every change to these regulations presents an opportunity, and the team in Woking has been working incredibly hard in difficult conditions to maximise those opportunities. One of the key elements of the MCL35M design is the integration of the Mercedes-AMG power unit, which has taken a considerable effort from the team in Woking, as well as our colleagues at Mercedes. Despite our limited scope for installation in a homologated car, the team has done a fantastic job of optimising our design work.

“Building a Formula 1 car is never easy. These are the fastest and most technically complex racing cars in the world and that challenge has only been compounded by the covid-19 pandemic. Over the past year, the team in the factory has been subject to incredibly strict, rigorous testing and working procedures aimed at keeping our people safe. I’m immensely proud of how our incredible group of people has risen to this challenge and developed the best possible package.”

26 thoughts on “The new McLaren MCL35M

  1. That’s Some Car Lunch! Amazing, Creative, Entertaining, . . ! The Show is on! McLaren are the 2021 Winners of one Prix already at least!

  2. Any idea of the story behind the lack of Mercedes branding Joe? I read elsewhere it was due to the nature of their agreement – which seems like a way to give nothing enlightening away!

    1. There haven’t been on Racing Point either, I guess if they are paying for the engines it’s a choice on whether to advertise it?

    2. I noticed the missing merc badge as well, and also noticed a nice large title sponsor size gap on the side of the car, I wonder if another announcement is coming

    3. None of the Merc customer teams have the Mercedes AMG logo on their car. Racing Point and Williams don’t either. So it’s not that strange.

    1. They probably have to pay every penny for that engine, so I wouldn’t give any advertisement to Mercedes either.
      What I do find interesting, is how Renault-like this livery actually seems to be…

  3. Given that the first test is a month away, why are the teams launching now rather than maximising development time?

  4. All those saying there’s no Mercedes badge… so what? Everyone knows that they’re carrying Mercedes engines. It’ll be mentioned every few minutes during TV coverage.

  5. I imagine Mercedes stepping back in a year or two; however, remaining as an engine ‘provider’, then McLaren via Danny RIC winning a few well deserved world titles.

    regards from Down Under

  6. On a different note, any thoughts on Vettel selling some very exclusive Ferrari’s? I wonder if he has any left, or has decided he wants to erase that entire painful experience from his memory?

  7. I know all things move on and so should I but I do miss reading Ron Dennis quotes.
    Let’s hope we get one off him if the car wins a race or two this year……. or three…… or more.

  8. It was a very quiet morning yesterday as I parked outside Aston Martin F1 to take the dog for a walk around Hazelborough Forest. Then the world became even better as LN4 drove MCL35M down the pitlane for the start of a couple of laps…

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