Eighth title is not Lewis’s priority

Sir Lewis Hamilton (although he has yet to tapped on the shoulder with a royal sword) says that winning a record-breaking eighth Formula 1 World Championship is not his priority.

“I still love what I do,” he said. “I am in the fortunate position that I don’t have to commit to multiple years and I chose to have a one-year deal. It doesn’t mean I am not committed. What I am really focussed on is the diversity issue. It is not going to change overnight and what is really important is that we are actually delivering and taking action. That’s my driving force this year. On top of that hopefully I can deliver some good performances.

I don’t want the record to be the deciding factor. I got into racing because I loved racing and that has to be at the core of what I do. Winning an eighth title is the ultimate dream, but I am not going to make it the deciding factor if I stay. When I put the helmet on I still have that smile when I leave the garage.”

Hamilton admitted that he is not very keen on the simulator and has done only about 30 laps with the new car.

“The problem with the sim is that we have a new tyre. It can give an idea of what the tyres model is, but right now it’s guestimate of what the tyre might feel like. The aero package has shifted and we have lost rear downforce and that can play a significant role. The tyres are probably about eight-tenths off last year’s tyres. That might lead to more thermal degradation and you might see more stops. But that’s all guessing.”

Hamilton said that he had had a quiet winter.

“I kept to myself,” he said. “I was focussed on my recovery and getting myself back to full strength. Getting my deal done and working on personal relationships I have.”

5 thoughts on “Eighth title is not Lewis’s priority

  1. How can you not love Lewis?
    So many drivers can learn from his quiet focus. The off-season preparation had to be heavily impacted by Covid. Even though he and Perez got it last season, the continuing effect doubtlessly hampered physical training.

    1. Ok so questions remain about whether he was fit to return for the last race in Abu Dhabi.
      But if he was not fully fit again by the end of January there must be something underlying.

      I also doubt that getting the 8th title this year is anything other than paramount to him, and the team. It’s a 1 year deal.

      1. In my mind the one year deal holds no meaning other than last year was a long season. Everyone was tired and with the total trust between Hamilton and Mercedes they put together a quick deal, that worked for both parties, for 2021. 2022, with the spec changes, spending caps and Hamilton’s desire to be a leader in the equality movement, it’s my opinion that the contract will likely involve more payment to Hamilton in the form of support for his cause.
        It is hard to imagine Hamilton can find a better way being heard than from a pulpit with a worldwide audience every second Sunday.

  2. I’m afraid that it seems less likely to me that the short contract is dictated by Sir Lewis’ than by Ola Kallenius’ sticker shock. This could bite Mercedes badly. If Hamilton leaves his value to the firm will become painfully apparent.

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