10 thoughts on “The new AMR21

  1. Color on the internet if kinds iffy but this sure looks like the old Aston Martin green. No more pink. Bravo!

    1. Pink across the leading edge of the front wing and a Petronas style pink wave down the cockpit side…

  2. I wish them well, but it feels a bit deja-vu from when Ford bought Stewart and turned it into Jaguar with lots of Racing Green branded products for the fans to soak up.

    Lets hope that Otmar and Andy can keep the train on the tracks. I do worry that the best way to make a small fortune in F1 is to start with a large one.

    1. I know where you’re coming from but different times and better people running Aston Martin, although Ford’s team management-powered revolving door was a renewable energy marvel of its age. Perhaps if their good people had been allowed to manage rather than propel said egress …

  3. It’s the best looking livery so far. The Alpine is in second place but the rest are meh! A few more cars to unveil this week and I hope Williams have a vastly different colour scheme this time around.

  4. Poor photo quality granted, but does the color scheme look like the MB from a few seasons ago? They copied carcdesign, why not the livery too. 😃

  5. The background colour made the car look “strange” to start, bit when you zoom to the car only it’s an amazing livery. Hope it works well on the idiot box when the races start.

    The comparisons with Stewart becoming Jaguar are a bit far off the mark. Jaguar had fantastic people answering to a committee who were suits with no understanding of motorsport. It was bound to fail, just like Toyota failed in F1. You get the impression the race team is broadly left to get on with what it’s paid to do and the moose stops with Laurence Stroll, like he is the committee of 1 that the team answer to. I know this is simplified but Stroll has a history of getting it right. To do this he knows the value of having good lieutenants.

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