A new idea in Bahrain

Bahrain International Circuit has launched the sale of tickets for the Grand Prix, and to ensure that the event can proceed in a safe environment – in line with the local government health advice – tickets are only available to those who have been vaccinated against COVID-19 or have recovered from the virus. This may not sound much but according to the government there have been more than 300,000 people who have received the first dose of the vaccine, which amounts to more than 17 percent of the population of 1.74 million. In addition to this around 124,000 have tested positive, with the country suffering 458 deaths. The country has already launched a digital vaccinbation “passport”.

8 thoughts on “A new idea in Bahrain

  1. Let’s see……124,000 positive COVID positive tests…458 deaths!!! Yep, that COVID is a real killer!!! What a giant lie is being imposed on the World’s population.
    Science is NOT REAL when it is based on phony tests, when pneumonia and the flu suddenly become COVID, and when the “scientists” of the World cannot provide one single isolated example of the COVID virus.

    1. Thank you Judd! I agree wholeheartedly. When Fauci say this vaccine will not stop you getting Covid just lessen the effects. What utter tosh! Now we have passports to go and do anything. This is nothing but authoritarianism.

    2. Very stupid, very ignorant, very dangerous. None so blind as them as will not see. When you catch it which you surely will may it not be too trivial and I’m sure you won’t wish to trouble the NHS.

  2. I’d have thought the 10’s of thousands of folk in the hospital in the UK alone would have proven Covid is serious Judd…

    A simple extrapolation of the chart directions of hospitalisation street and deaths without a lockdown should kind of worry most folk.

  3. I wonder if Lee Harvey Oswald is behind Covid? or perhaps Eric Honiker from beyond the grave as the old east Germans liked a bit of surveillance. Maybe it was Hendrik Verwoerd and his take on getting everyone to carry a Dompas.

    But to come to reality, anyone who believes the conspiracy theories put forward here really are reality deniers.

    Different governments have come up with very different solutions to try and kill off the spread of this disease and in the process have seen their economies devastated. The responses have been based on how much support each government can muster to ease the economic impact This pandemic has shown just how dependant the western world is on the never never. My eldest is 16, her grandchildren will still be paying off the cost of this pandemic when they adults, yet people think the authorities would do this to control the general population.

    I’m going to go lie in that dark room for a while.

  4. I was wondering what vaccinbation was, but then I read these comments and realised it was probably a special procedure designed to suit people like Judd Evans.

  5. Dear Judd. You are wrong and there are many people with similar views. I urge you to reconsider your position, please. We only have to study our family histories to understand the high percentage of infant mortality that would have been much lower if the vaccines available now were available back then.

    This is extremely serious and there is no shame in changing your mind.

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