10 thoughts on “Here’s the Haas

  1. Just lovely to see a US team running a largely Russian-flag-based livery to skirt the International sporting limitations placed on Russia and its athletes because of Russia’s systematic, state-sponsored doping programs.

    1. Haas admitted they are not using any tokens this year. All their development money is being spent on the 2022 car.

    1. Really looks quite neat though, doesn’t it ? Without all the corrugated iron attachments being quite so prominent !

    1. Guenther Steiner has reportedly said that the majority of the R&D budget is being. spent on the 2022 car and their will be no developments of this one during this season.

  2. A little ironic don’t you think-the team has US roots/owner with backing of Ural Oil and a Russian driver – sounds familiar . Its only bussiinesss

      1. Sorry Potash ,perhaps one of the most obscure sponsors .wonder what there welcome packs will look like ?
        Keep up the great work Joe .

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