22 thoughts on “The new Williams

  1. Nice new look, but really devoid of sponsors this year. We’ve also seen no sign of the farcical Rich Energy deal Mr Storey promised us. Any idea where they may pop up Joe (if at all)?

    1. Sofina in a Latifi company. I’ve not looked into it, I think other Latifi firms have taken over

  2. WilliamsF1 (?) or Williams Must have run out of blue paint towards the stern but tidy until adverts arrive

  3. Hardly any sponsors unless they have a title sponsor lined up? The owners must have deep pockets! Jose Capito presumably is working on that.

  4. [OT] Andrew Green has been quoted as saying Perez has quite an extreme driving style and needs quite a particular car setup.

    Do you happen to know if Perez likes a pointy, oversteery car (in which case he’s likely to be very happy at Red Bull) or something with a more stable tail (in which case he might struggle a bit)?

  5. Sort of like the scheme, but using a bright orange instead of blue would have been striking. The blue and black at racing speed will just blend together. The yellow flash on the nose of the Red Bull makes it stand out from other cars and easy to identify. I have no idea why teams are using such dark colors.

    And thanks Joe for changing sites……. this is so much better.

  6. It’s a bit like the Denim/Saima liveries that Osella used to have 40 years ago? I think some Group 5 or Group C cars had a similar livery too.

  7. What a random splash of paint. Agree with comments that looks like a gp2 or lesser category. I think with so much good designers doing beautiful jobs online these days, don’t know how they end up with such things.

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