The new Ferrari

Well, it’s a little different, I suppose, and lots of people will inevitably hate the green part of the new Ferrari livery, although it draws attention to PMI’s involvement a little more than was the case. The rear of the car is in a darker red, to look back to Ferrari’s earlier days, and I guess the green is there for ecological reasons, but overall the car seems to be elegant, although this really doesn’t matter at all if it isn’t fast. And we will not discover that until the Bahrain GP, as there may be some fun and games in testing (as usual) with some times trying to make a better impression than they deserve to have. Remember that after the testing last year the lap times suggested that Mercedes was easily fastest, followed by Red Bull but then Renault was close to the Milton Keynes cars and Ferrari was right with them. Racing Point was only seventh, McLaren eighth and Williams was 10th, ahead of AlphaTauri and Alfa Romeo. So don’t get swept along thinking that the testing will provide any answers…

Ferrari’s goal this year I would guess is to not be embarrassing, but to suggest that they might be challenging for victories may be a bit of a long shot. The team has done a lot of engine development work, but then so have the other major contenders and these things tend to be like the arms race: everyone develops new stuff as fast as they can but they stay in the same basic order if they have fallen behind. Closing the gap is the hardest thing to do, which is why (for example) Racing Point did what it did last year and copied the Mercedes.

One must bear in mind that the best strategic decision for Ferrari might be to do as well as possible this year with as little development and then aim for glory in 2022, when there are new rules (and another engine upgrade), which probably offers a better chance for the team to be competitive. A number of teams are looking on this year as an interim season before the rule changes and will switch their development to the 2022 programmes as oon as they figure out where they are this year.

20 thoughts on “The new Ferrari

  1. Joe is Mission Winnow something that is advertised in Europe? Does it actually mean something to anyone other than Phillip Morris and Ferrari?

  2. The cynic in me says “the green is to maximise people talking about Mission Winnow before it has to be dropped from the livery”

  3. Difficult to tell very much from a few piccies. Friday maybe we shall be a little wiser.
    Are you any the wiser about exactly what Ferrari were up to in 2019 ? Surely it can’t just have been a slightly augmented maximum fuel flow ?

    1. The FIA were willing to release details IF Ferrari agreed. They didn’t, with Binotto saying that would mean them releasing details of their IP?!?

  4. Dear Joe, all
    “Mission Winnow”…… quick dash to online dictionary…. “Mission” is a noun which means “An important assignment given to a person or group of people, typically involving travel abroad” or….”the vocation or calling of a religious organisation….. to go out into the world and spread it’s faith”
    “Winnow” is a verb which means “to blow a current of air through (grain) in order to remove the chaff” or, in a literary sense, “(of the wind) blow”.
    I’m not sure what they were smoking at PMI, but, I doubt it was just tobacco.
    As to the green hieroglyph….. well, I’m not an archeologist, but, to be honest, the only thing it reminds me of is the “Monster Energy” hieroglyph on a car in the Aussie Supercar Championship.
    But, let’s take it to be an important mission to sort wheat from chaff, Ferrari would be on an assignment to sort wheat from chaff… which would seem to be successful…. if the intention was to keep the chaff.
    Or, if the wheat was used to make Humble Pie…
    Ferrari, in the official F1 website, are laying claim that engine developments have provided a 1/10 sec improvement in lap times.
    (No mention of which circuit)
    There is talk of a new nose, new front wing, a new gearbox, and new rear suspension system. They haven’t mentioned any prediction of how lap time will be impacted by these.
    And, they have to run the team on $145 million, not over $400 million.
    And, the online launch was leaked online.
    And, they were the last team to launch their 2021 car.
    It doesn’t look all that promising…. and, leaving the ethereal Mission Winnow aside….
    Ferrari seem to be managing expectations, with a cautiously optimistic outlook.
    Having said that, a quick scan of various betting odds has Ferrari consistently at 3rd for the Constructors@ Championship.
    The odds for the Drivers’ Championship have Charles LeClerc about 5th or 6th, Sainz at about 10th, and some have George Russell at 4th!!!
    So, it’s back to the old Frank Gardner one liner… “When the flag drops, the BS stops”.
    I would honestly be surprised to see Ferrari at 3rd in Constructors’ at the end of the season, but, if they do, they will have done a brilliant job.

  5. A red Ferrari, with … a green on top. On design really awful.
    But watching carefully, we can see something like arrows pointing forwards. Obviously on Mission.
    On conclusion, we will see a speedy car always on apex like a slot car.
    Time will tell.

      1. (Fondly remembers the first Saubers, which just had “Concept by Mercedes-Benz” written in large friendly letters on the engine cover)

  6. Green….thing…the visual equivalent of Lynton Crosby’s dead cat. But rather than drawing attention away from something it serves to ensure discussion of mission winnow and hence Marlboro…

  7. Any Ferrari car should be distinctive enough to look like a Ferrari.

    That looks like a dog’s breakfast. Mixing the new and old reds is not a good idea.

    The whole Mission Winnow thing – words fail me.

    Lets just pray that its quick.

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